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Jyuu's Post of Awesome, Cute and sometimes vaugely Disturbing!

Men gang rape porcupine, porcupine rapes back. That's right, we're gonna start with the disturbing stuff first. First of all I want to know when it's a good idea to rape anything, especially when that anything has little mini spikes of death poking out of nearly every available surface of it's body. Also funny to note, they were Russians. For all you Hetalia fans, you can snicker now.

This is WHY I love Mark Owen. He certainly is showing his Aquarian in this, especially at the end. (What an absolute dork, who the hell does that with juice? Oh wait, Mark Owen does that with juice. Duh!)

Detroit MOE City. Watch Detroit Metal City, no seriously. (this may offend some people so if you are easily offended, you may just not want to click on this link.) When I say that this is something that only 'I' would laugh at, it usually means that it's probably completely twisted... this is exactly at that level. Also, this is from the anime.. not the movie. I haven't watched the anime but I -really- want to now. (Krauser is like my new hero..) But yet another warning, do not click on this link if you do not have a sense of humor that is comparable to mine, no I'm NOT KIDDING.

Wow, I need something a little bit normal to put up here. Let's scour delicious and see what I randomly come up with. (because some links are found just randomly and those make for the best discoveries.)

Cake or Death by Eddie Izzard. But now with 100% more LEGO. If you like that, then try the Death Star Canteen.

Christmas-Cookie.com. A website devoted to Christmas Cookies? Christmas generally has very little signifigance to me, hasn't since my grandmother has died and all of my Christmases have pretty much sucked since I was 19. But Christmas cookies! Come on, how can you resist?

What you Should and Shouldn't buy organic. For all of you that are conscious of pesticide consumption. Sometimes it's scary how much pesticides are even used on fruits and vegetables.

Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy Dissidia. I need no other justification in my mind that Cecil is gay. For me, it's the purple glowy beads that just hover in his hair that says it all to me. Rock on, Cecil.. rock on. If I'm going to end this post on something, it might as well be the gay.
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