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Jyuu's Post of Awesome, Cute and sometimes vaugely Disturbing!

Welcome to another episode of my 'made of awesome, win and/or disturbing'. Sometimes it's not just made of awesome and win, or even disturbing.. sometimes it's links that I think are cool and that I could potentially get some use out of so they might be recipes too. (I just found a few good ones that are probably worth sharing. Really a post like this is just anything that I feel like plopping down.

And joy! Today I have pictures too.

But first, on to the links.

A Recipe for Ginger Lemonade. Recently I've grown rather attached to lemonade since I've been trying to cut my whole reliance on corn syruped sodas and have been trying to find alternative drinks. I mean coke zero is okay, but the taste prevents me from drinking more then a bottle of it a day.

Take That - Greatest Day | This is awesome in my book, but only because this is the video where TAKE THAT GETS SUCKED UP INTO THE LIFESTREAM. Don't believe me, just watch to the end. Take That is becoming my favorite band seriously, this tells me alot. Also, Jason Orange is one of the few men that I've had sex dreams about (I think it's because of his resemblance to an old boyfriend in high school) -he is the one with the long sleeved button down shirt for reference-. Too bad it wasn't Mark Owen (the one in the hat), yeah despite my lesbian-state, I'd probably do him just to say I did. -It's the smile, Mark has the cutest smile- (okay, Jason isn't that bad either.) *Zack likes this song fittingly enough, probably his favorite song on their The Circus Album.*

Uhoh, I think I need to make more icons of Markie. :someone stop me, please :

And Now a Musical Number from Take That's Beautiful World Live at the O2 Arena Ahem, next link which also happens to be a Take That link. Sorry for all of you people who are not into Take That. Hey, music is music. This one I post because I own this DVD (It's certainly prized) and it's the ending of the Beautiful World Live DVD. And it actually happens to be my favorite song on their "Nobody Else" album, the last one before they took a 12 year hiatus. (Fun Note: Even though I don't endorse real person slash, at 3:37, Mark Owen grabs Gary Barlow's ass. -to which I'm like LOL!BUTTSECKS- Second best part of the DVD -the first was the lapdances in the second number-)

Two AMVs I enjoy that are thankfully NOT Take That related.

Gurren Lagann - Falling for the First Time. I'm an AMV puriest, meaning that I like my AMVs with absolutely no subtitles on the screen, the art of AMV making has been lost though there are a precious few treasures that rise up above the rest. I especially enjoy it for the cute Nia and Shimon moments. Excellent AMV, the music fits the story.. the actions going on the screen fits the lyrics at that moment. There needs to be more AMVs like this.

Princess Tutu - Hall om Mig. This was shared with me by my Imouto and I have to say that this AMV is done masterfully. Whereas the previous AMV relied on the lyrics to set the scene, this relies on the characters movements that match every pulse of the music (since this is a song in a different language) Right here people is the AMV that gives me shivers up and down my spine. For any one of your who are not aware of Princess Tutu, is about a bunch of fairytale characters kicking ass through Ballet. From the title you'd think it was some silly prissy shoujo show, but seriously.. it's more GAR then Kamina (from Gurren Lagann) on steroids.

Japanese Banquet of Cannibalism. This one files underneath the Vaugely Disturbing catagory. It reminds me of the news article that I was listening to on the various podcasts, it was the review actually of a japanese av film. What was it's title? Now this also isn't for the squeamish, it was called "Miki - Anus Intestinal Sea Cucumber Torture Party". Make of that what you will, I don't need to post links or anything, you should get the idea.

This is Aiike. He is the manliest elf you will ever meet, trufax. (He is one of my characters from the Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG. I love how he came out, he's just not girly. -He's based on Ike from Fire Emblem who is very very GAR-)

  This is for the times when you need a little 'extra' protection.

 The best picture evah.

  And last but not least.. In japan, fish smoking is prohibited. (really just a sign from Disney Sea, but STILL I thought it was hilarious.).

That is it, I hope you were decently amused and/or traumatized.

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