Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: RAGE! :

So we had a house showing today. At 12:30, so I set my alarm for 12:00 because that would allow me a half an hour to make my room, get the black sheet off my window (the fate of all shift workers in essence) and then get the hell out of dodge, I had paperwork to get done so it was all well and good. And because I got -some- sleep, it wasn't as bad.

Wake up! clock said 12:00 and I got out of bed immediately, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, and halfway through brushing my teeth, I hear VOICES downstairs, yes I do. This triggers an immediate panic button in me and I quickly pull on pants and rush downstairs. What's there? The realitor and the person who's viewing the house. 25 minutes BEFORE scheduled time.

I was nice and I was polite but my inner virgoean seethe point had been reached, I was inwardly boiling because I had to rush. The realitor had said that someone had told her that NO ONE WOULD BE HOME and so she was running ahead of schedule so she thought that she might as well show the house early. Well duh, no one was going to be home at 12:30, (I would of been out the door by 12:20 seriously). That is unacceptable. There is such thing as an inconvenience yes.. that was beyond inconvenience and I am seriously ticked off.

I'm not going to bed until Shu contacts me, since the realitors contacted her, she is going to be the one to tell them how utterly pissed I was that they came 25 minutes early when they were expected at 12:30. Remember, people still LIVE in some of these houses and some of these people ARE shift workers, fucknuts. Have some motherfucking consideration.

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