Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Random List

Anime to Finish

Princess Tutu
Axis Powers Hetalia

Anime in Queue (since I can only really watch one or two series at a time due to busy life)

Towards the Terra
Higurashi~When they Cry
Honey & Clover
Ai no Kusabi (when it comes out)


This is just a reference, because sometimes I really do forget random things like that.   I realize that this will take me years to probably watch these, but I don't mind being behind in the times.   At least I'm not keeping track with J-pop  (which in the past year I've been horribly disenchanted with, to the exception of the Macross Frontier songs which are charming)

So Friend's List, that being said.  I have a question!   Is there any series, fandom, pairing or just anything in general that you used to like but you've become increasingly disenchanted with?   ( I know you all have them)

I have also been disenchanted toward the Bleach & Naruto thing.  I mean I still like the characters but as far as watching it.. I lost my will to do that a LONG time ago.  I don't think I'm able to watch series that are longer then 59 episodes anymore -and even that is pushing it-

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