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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Random List

Anime to Finish

Princess Tutu
Axis Powers Hetalia

Anime in Queue (since I can only really watch one or two series at a time due to busy life)

Towards the Terra
Higurashi~When they Cry
Honey & Clover
Ai no Kusabi (when it comes out)


This is just a reference, because sometimes I really do forget random things like that.   I realize that this will take me years to probably watch these, but I don't mind being behind in the times.   At least I'm not keeping track with J-pop  (which in the past year I've been horribly disenchanted with, to the exception of the Macross Frontier songs which are charming)

So Friend's List, that being said.  I have a question!   Is there any series, fandom, pairing or just anything in general that you used to like but you've become increasingly disenchanted with?   ( I know you all have them)

I have also been disenchanted toward the Bleach & Naruto thing.  I mean I still like the characters but as far as watching it.. I lost my will to do that a LONG time ago.  I don't think I'm able to watch series that are longer then 59 episodes anymore -and even that is pushing it-

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Naruto for me, really. I gave up caring about it when the filler from hell happened.

So many great series are ruined by perfectly horrid filler. >.>

Honey & Clover! A series that had a wonderful first season and a not so great second season. :/ I still need the damn Taiwanese live action... *sigh*

I gave up on Bleach around episode 60something. When the filler arc took over. Ever since then I just can't care about it.

Suikoden - though Tierkreis might motivate me to write some silly fic. The canon whoring just killed it for me.

Also - and this is purely a personal issue - there are certain groups of writers I don't feel I can really compete against, and so when they start to write for something, I step away.

You know, Suikoden Teikreis is definitely amusing, I've fallen in love with Chrodechild though. So you know it's amusing (though I'm not too fond of the main character). I like Suikoden but I'm not big into it, it's one of those fandoms though where the characters that start liking, I grow very attached to.

And oh gods, tell me about it. I am no real writer, haven't written anything in a while, but there are certain writers that I see them and I instantly get intimidated.

Chrodechild and the Astrasian characters are my favorites - though the Empire of the North Star is a close second. Chrodechild/Yula is so begging to be written.

I used to write Suiko fic all the time, but the attitude toward canon (or maybe it was my own attitude) was so centered on canon - it's worse than Xenogears as far as international politics and wars, and all of that, and the runes. I don't know, it really killed creativity to be so restricted. Looking back, though, it was probably half my own fault.

Yeah. The way past that intimidation is to just write and post, but it's hard to feel comfortable doing that. I thought I didn't care after all this time.

Ah, you seem to be wishing to start most of my favorite serieses. HIgurashi! Baccano! Princess Tutu. And Hetalia.

:thumbsup: Terra too.

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