Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: Tierkreis Woes :

Okay there is a certain character in Tiekreis that I really love, and it's not the reverse trap (I have a special love for Crodechilde and her boyfriend).   But the only character that really makes sense to pair him up, at least in my mind.. has to be the main character.   Note:  I loathe that piece of shit. (excuse my language, but there are characters that I have strong dislike for, he is one of them.. can't fucking stand him.).  Marica and Liu remain, I could see Liu, I sort of like Liu.. he obviously knows more then he lets on.   But still I guess you can't win them all, we'll see though, perhaps another character will come along that makes sense to me.

-*-addenum:  With pairings, I always go with the gut instinct one, regardless of gender.   So I do not ship exclusively male/male. (or any of them for that matter).   It's really the dynamic that appeals to me the most and I'll just go with it.    Crodechilde and Meruvis was gut instinct right on the spot when I saw them fighting together in that first cut scene.  Little did I know it'd be het, unlike the buttsecks that I originally thought, but hey.. I'm mutable, doesn't matter which way they roll in the end it only matters that they roll together (and repeatedly).

It's a good game so far (aside from what I consider to be a very annoying main character.. there are scores of other interesting characters, in fact they are all pretty awesome, it is just that main character)

I'm still looking for a good picture of Crodechilde for an icon, I may just try to find one from the game since that's arguably the best art of her.


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