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I applied for transfer, however you know.. I really really like my work and I only hope the crew is half as cool over in KY as it is here in the Soo.   Honestly Sharon, Ron Ron, Rich (oh gods!), James, Donnie, Scott, Mike, Johnny, Denise, John John, Matt, Caskey. Lisa and Jeremy really make work a blast.  (I'm so hoping.)  I applied for several night time positions, because I realized that I really like working nights and since my work is so vital to me, I really need to be working at that time of the night. 

Let's see, I played more Tiekreis and I have to say that I am -really- enjoying this game. 

There is this character, Crodechild who coms into the scene kicking ass and taking names, I mean pure awesome swords going everywhere shit and I was like, "Damn he's really fucking awesome".  Short blonde hair, a diminutive stature but with a whole lot of asskicking and I was like "Yeah, kick that shit up!".  Then she speaks, yes I said she.. clearly a girl.    OH I LOVE HER ALREADY!   The fact that he turned out to be a she is pure awesome and win. (I needs icon yesss)     Most of the guys in the magedom of Janam is in love with her evidentally and the ruler wants to turn her into his third wife, but I already have a pairing for her, it's her adjunct, Meruvis... because wherever she is.. THERE HE IS.

Reverse trap for the win.  I love it, thank you Suikoden.. for making me smile.
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