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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Dear Russia-muse,

Since I keep getting random adds on LJ that sends spam to my email saying that "rectohka has added you', I am going to blame it all on you since SUPS is the main controlling force behind LJ now. H8.. go do something constructive, like molest Lithuania or something.. that is if Poland isn't there first, not like that stopped you anyways amirite?
No love, Jyuu.


Let's see, I went to the bar today and it was good. I mean I went with girls this time, and it allowed me time to observe the differences between going to bars with guys, and then with girls. It's vastly different. I mean god damn it, I think I was in so many random photographs that people are going to be like looking at those photos weeks from now and going, 'who the hell is that?". Oh well, it was fun.. they played some good music too. Luckily Matt was there and in the end we ended up talking about Urotsukidoji which is the most wrong and disgusting hentai on the face of the planet.    I did get up and dance, but I was horridly ashamed of it afterwards,

Though I did only have ONE drink.   A long island iced tea, and then I was able to drive home after midnight.   To which point I went to Glenn's and picked up stuff for a BLT which was the most awesome BLT on the face of the planet. (They also had pumpkin muffins).   I wanted to throw the fire alarm against the wall however finally I got it turned off (so Shu, if you heard the fire alarm go off.. that was just me ahahahaha.)

Now to respond to a RP post and then grind out some rep on LOTRO.   I can do it!

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Urotsukidoji which is the most wrong and disgusting hentai on the face of the planet.


I thought Urotsukidoji was hilarious myself. Then again, I'm weird. I was also 2-1/2 sheets to the wind when I watched it, too. ::giggles::

I was drunk when I saw it too! Good times, good times!

Yesh! Good times indeed! Good booze, too! ::giggles::

And usually when i say things are disgusting and wrong, sometimes it means that I think it's hilarious. (unless of course it isn't.. but it's easy for me to tell the difference, or to tell the difference, I'm usually a bit more emotional when I really mean things are disgusting and wrong)


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