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Jyuu's Post of Awesome, Cute and sometimes vaugely Disturbing!

This will be the segement of my journal where I post up links that I think are awesome. Things that I didn't precisely know about, links that I've stumbled across that I think MUST be shared. You never know what you're going to get, but anything that I link to merits mention (Oh internets, constantly wins me without having to do anything!)

Hello Kitty Land - Yes, the amusement park -does- exist.

A Poland/Lithuania {Hetalia} FST with some really awesome music - made by [info]locke (you have to be a member of the community to see it, so if you don't like Hetalia, then this is not for you.)

For all of you Kingdom Hearts fans out there.. there is the Kingdom Hearts Vibrator that exists. Can any Kingdom Hearts fan tell me if you can find any correlation to the game? (I doubt it, those silly japanese people) And how many Kingdom Hearts fans will go "Wants it" just because it says Kingdom Hearts on the box. I should take a poll. Hey the fans can use it while thinking about Riku/Sora AMIRITE. (though I can imagine that the hardcore retarded fans will imagine themselves as Sora because omg they are straight girls for shame!)

There weren't very many links unfortunately but I hope to just collect them before I unload them on to you, hopefully they'll provide some sort of amusement.
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