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: Five Subjects Meme - Subject #1 Hetalia :

Okay, I'm going to pound this out now.  per request of [info]dancing_serpent I am going to go off on five subjects (of her choosing).  The first one might be rather long but since I know that there are Hetalia fans on my flist, hopefully people will not be too bored.    Of course I don't pretend to think I am very interesting, really I'm not in retrospect, perhaps it is because i'm a bit older.   I'm of the opinion that I'll post what I like and to hell with all the rest. (I'm also a bit up-front with opinions.. but conversely, you'll likely find no drama here when I state my opinion.. I can take people disagreeing with me).

Axis Powers Hetalia (I'm not sure if I spelled that right, but you know.. it doesn't matter to me and won't keep me up at night)

I got into this wonderful series via 4chan, because I saw a whole bunch of pictures of these country-tans and I was like "wow, what is this?".  Honestly, I'm a big history nut so it intriqued me, and the fact that the country's have been personified as real human beings really tickled my fancy.  Being me, I do whatever I do when fanart of a series intriques me.. I dip my toe in the waters.   I came out liking Hetalia quite a bit.    The first person I liked was America, the second was Russia, then I read Hungary and fell in love completely (an awesome character who is also a fujoshi, I AM THERE!).    I am not really that lenient with pairings in Hetalia, but like with most series, if I don't like a pairing.. I will not read it and I won't criticize anyone for their particular likes. :come on, people.. life is too short:.

A list of pairings I like from Hetalia (I can assure you, they are probably run of the mill)



Most people wonder why I have things listed like that (most people may go.. "Finland would NEVER top Sweden".  Well random fact about me, I don't believe in set top or bottom and I shy away from portraying the characters as such, anything that I like.. I'm a firm believer in switch. (And Hungary would so do Austria in the ass with the giant strap-on hidden underneath her bed, she's a fujoshi after all and he probably likes it :/shot:)   No really, I have my own reason for writing the pairings that way, something that only [info]shukoi would understand (hers would be flipped from mine)

There, one subject talked about!   Hurrah for nation!slash.

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