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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Five Subjects Meme - Subject #1 Hetalia :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Okay, I'm going to pound this out now.  per request of [info]dancing_serpent I am going to go off on five subjects (of her choosing).  The first one might be rather long but since I know that there are Hetalia fans on my flist, hopefully people will not be too bored.    Of course I don't pretend to think I am very interesting, really I'm not in retrospect, perhaps it is because i'm a bit older.   I'm of the opinion that I'll post what I like and to hell with all the rest. (I'm also a bit up-front with opinions.. but conversely, you'll likely find no drama here when I state my opinion.. I can take people disagreeing with me).

Axis Powers Hetalia (I'm not sure if I spelled that right, but you know.. it doesn't matter to me and won't keep me up at night)

I got into this wonderful series via 4chan, because I saw a whole bunch of pictures of these country-tans and I was like "wow, what is this?".  Honestly, I'm a big history nut so it intriqued me, and the fact that the country's have been personified as real human beings really tickled my fancy.  Being me, I do whatever I do when fanart of a series intriques me.. I dip my toe in the waters.   I came out liking Hetalia quite a bit.    The first person I liked was America, the second was Russia, then I read Hungary and fell in love completely (an awesome character who is also a fujoshi, I AM THERE!).    I am not really that lenient with pairings in Hetalia, but like with most series, if I don't like a pairing.. I will not read it and I won't criticize anyone for their particular likes. :come on, people.. life is too short:.

A list of pairings I like from Hetalia (I can assure you, they are probably run of the mill)



Most people wonder why I have things listed like that (most people may go.. "Finland would NEVER top Sweden".  Well random fact about me, I don't believe in set top or bottom and I shy away from portraying the characters as such, anything that I like.. I'm a firm believer in switch. (And Hungary would so do Austria in the ass with the giant strap-on hidden underneath her bed, she's a fujoshi after all and he probably likes it :/shot:)   No really, I have my own reason for writing the pairings that way, something that only [info]shukoi would understand (hers would be flipped from mine)

There, one subject talked about!   Hurrah for nation!slash.

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Oh, Hetalia, my latest fandom affair. ^__^ ♥

And looks like our pairing opinions are pretty similar as well (thought I can't seem to quite stick with just one pairing for any character...then again, there intrigue about a certain dynamic, and there are OTP's, which are quite different. If that makes any sense. :P)

Also a believer in the switch. Otherwise it'd be just boring, no? Just kidding. :P Even if in some cases I might prefer to read it in a certain...order, a relationship where it's ALWAYS a certain way just seems unbalanced somehow. =3=

I won't even start about Finland/Sweden (or the other way round, anything goes as far as I'm concerned)...should it be weird to slash a personification of your own country? whic is starting to become my favorite pairing, if only because it's easiest to write, having the most ground info.

If some of this makes no sense I'm writing too late and with a mild headache, sorry. >_>;

PS. Yes, she really would? :'D

Re: Suddenly, babble

Oh no problem. I mean it's always awesome to hear what someone else has to say, one can never be accused of talking too much unless they are saying something negative toward another, so speak your mind.. I don't mind whatsoever.

Most of what I like are OTPs, it's like a dating period. I find certain pairings and I sort of feel them out, before I settle toward another pairing and then in essence I marry that pairing, and then I'm sold and I can't read anything else regarding the characters. I agree with you about it, I just like things balanced, it's always how I've been.

It's alright, Finland and Sweden was the first pairing that made me go d'awww. Just because it's written so cutely and fluffily, it's hard not to be in love with that pairing.

Japan/Greece, it's that way for me. I love that pairing ever since the kitty ears. SO cute!

It also occurred to me that we might not have spoken much before, if so...nice to meet you. ^_^;

Ah, that's true. That's pretty much how it happens to me as well. If I really can't choose I tend to get OTP3's, ahah. >3>;

That was my first reaction too. And then for a moment I thought they were a bit TOO fluffy, since I like at least some tension in my pairings.
Luckily, with a bit of digging in history/imagination that can be found too. ^__^ Besides considering what I think of as Finland's other relationships...well, let's just say it's good there's someone around who's actually mentally stable and/or with whom things didn't end in flames. :P

Ah, now I want to read some Japan/Greece fic. Haven't actually seen much of that though. >_>

Re: Suddenly, babble

Oh yes, well it's nice to talk to you! I haven't really posted to LJ, mainly because it's been hard for me to really get over the main breach of LJ's trust (I really just do not think the service is all that good.. but that's something that's completely irrelevant to this post.. unless of course you think of Russia completely taking over LJ, then it becomes REALLY HILARIOUS)

OT3s are all good too. It's probably why I can't not like Poland/Lithuania and Russia/Lithuania, because Russia is so mean to Lithuania, adn really Lithuania just sometimes need some serious comfort sex where he doesn't have to have his ass hurt afterwards. But the ot3s are really picky with me. (I have alot of OT3s in my original works.. but fandom don't tend to multi-ship so much.)

Nothing wrong with fluff.. I don't like really hard angst but I do like a bit of tension (which is why I love America/England.. that's a whole lot of issues right there). The thing I like about Hetalia is that it's really coerced alot of people into reading about history.. there are alot of things that I wouldn't of known had I not delved it up.

Really I want to read a fic of Hungary going at Austria with a strap-on. That would so win my internets.

Likewise :D

I see what you mean...thought for me things would have to get a LOT worse before I'd go to the trouble of uprooting myself from here. I just...dislike change. A lot.
But yes, Russia being one with LJ KOLKOLKOL would definitely explain some things. :'9

*nod nod* That's probably the reason I can't quite like Russia/Lithuania...no offence, it's not like I really DISLIKE it either ^__^ Part of it might be that I really only fell in love with Lithuania as a character in the strip where he saves Poland from...Teutonic Knight/Prussia (?) and is generally all kick ass. Which mode he never seems to be in with Russia nearby, understandably enough. :')

Poland, on the other hand...well, he's cute in that slightly annoying way of his. And also amusing (if amusing is the right word here) when you consider that Poland seems to be one of the most homophobic countries in the world. :'P

Unrelatedly, one of my favorite OTP3's in Hetalia is probably Hungary/Austria/Prussia, since those three all seem to have chemistry between each other all over the place. And besides Prussia is just so adorkable in his special macho "being alone is awesome not muahaha"-way. :'3
and I even got a lovely anon to write me just the perfect fic for these three in the Hetalia kink meme, yay *^__^*

I'm one of them! :D
I thought I knew something about history already, but getting into Hetalia has taught me I didn't, really. For instance, I had no idea Sweden used to be a large empire once upon a time *knowledge fail!* and that's a country mine was a part of at the time (so why didn't we get taught this at school, WHY?), so I dread to think of others...:'D

Hm...*ponders* Maybe I could try writing that sometime...

I find it strange that people would get worked up what character x would or wouldn't do in the sack. Variety is the spice of life. I pretty much always like either character doing both. Also wussy ukes and emotionless semes are boring.

I might start reading Hetalia. Ireland aren't in it are they...

Unfortunately not that I'm aware of. I want Ireland to be there (as well as Austrialia) and they keep mentioning Norway (which is my favorite country) but yet nothing. I think that Norway and Denmark are considered a pair.. but I'm not sure.

IWATC about the wussy ukes and emotionless semes.

Hetalia is awesome because you find out little details about history that is pretty awesome. You can find all the scanlations for the webcomic at the hetalia lj comm.

Hey, we have both an Australia (see icon) and a Norway. Especially Norway, he's been showing up quite a bit lately.

I need to catch up because I need to see what Norway is like. (I remember doing my country report in grade school on Norway)

Oh I love the expression on his face!

Hurrah for nationslash!

And I ship almost all of those pairings.


Switching is the ONLY WAY TO GO! I mean there are some pairs that I think one of the characters is too dominent to be switched regularly (cough *America/England* however I'm sure that is what certain illegal drugs are for.. *because come on, England has to catch a break SOMEHOW*)

Haha, I think America and England can totally switch once England stops freaking out about whether or not America means it or if he's trying to trick him. But I also think England would have more appreciation for being on the bottom, and how to top from the bottom, than the younger and much less experienced America. So he probably doesn't mind bottoming as much as America might.

Yeah,, see when I think of America, I think that the issues would be all from his area about bottoming, because he wants to be first and best above the rest, he has a very aggressive attitude, I think that England would like to top but I think that they go about it in different ways. It's what makes them so very interesting in that respect. I think it's about making America see that it's okay to be bottom and it's really just a big psychological mess in my mind.

Dammit I really need to see more of that!

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