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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: To Terra :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
To Terra is a GREAT manga series. I thought that as far as manga went, it ended very well and I didn't really have a whole lot of pairing save for Tony/Artella and Blue/Physis. It wasn't something that I actively thought about when I was reading the series.

My favorite character though was Keith Anyan just because his role was very poignant.

Great great series, it's one of those series that has two sides, but you never actively think that one side is wrong over the other, and I think the end was very fitting considering what all my thoughts for it was on.

The thing about the series end that really made it awesome for me was the fact that in the end, their were two computers, one for the mu and the one for humans.    For all of you who cut on the spoilers but who did not read the series, the mu are like mutants :I'm actually pretty sure that mu is short for exactly that:   For the longest time the human super-computer dominated the system, it was a super computer that was specifically biased toward humanity and hence would at any given notice exterminate mu if there was even a bit of a hint that a person was born with such a 'defect'.

In the end, Keith Anyan destroys the giant human-biased super computer and finds the mu-super computer, which wants Keith to activate it to give Mu their fair chance.   But Keith knows that if he activates this computer, it will not cause change, it will only reverse the whole situation.  So to give the world a fair chance, he shuts it down... knowing that if he shuts it down, the planet that both mu and human wanted to take for themselves would return to a death-like slumber.   In the end, that is the only solution.   But really this is just the end, the ride to that end is brilliant..

For any of you who would like to check this series out, as I am aware.. it's not scanlated however there has been a very recent 24 episode anime based on it which I am very interested in checking out now.  [ Towards the Terra anime news network link ]   However the vertical release is VERY nice, for 13 dollars you are getting QUITE a bit of manga, 330 pages approximately.  

For those who are interested in previewing the art, let me just tell you that the series is a 70's shoujo so the art is very much reminiscent of that style.   But you can find previews of each volume HERE at the Vertical-Inc Website.

Gee, another reason why Anime World Order is awesome, if it weren't for them.. I wouldn't of even known that this series existed!

"Beth Dies!" is my spoilerz tag, if you see Beth Dies, bear in mind that you may get spoilered wether you want to or not.  (Anyone who's seen/read Little Women or that awesome episode of Friends will know exactly what it means.. for anyone who hasn't read/seen Little Women.. OMG I AM SO SORRY!)

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I'm glad to hear that you really enjoyed the manga, because I'm currently four episodes into the series (the fifth is loading right now) and I'm liking it a lot. You can tell it had a lot of drive behind it, and the 70s vibe carries right on through, even though this series aired just before Gundam 00 did. I'd definitely suggest you watch it, but then, I tend to.

And I never had time to mention it yesterday, but I think it's Shounen, nee-san. The character designs are just nice enough to be Shoujo, is all.

Well Anime World Order said there was a sort of hold up on that. It's Shounen however the manga-ka is a typically Shoujo artist and hence some stereotypical shoujo elements will pop up (like boy's love.. since this particular manga-ka WROTE the first boy's love. "Song of the Wind and Trees" and there is alot of subtext involving two of the characters) Once again it was stated that it's shounen, but I think that it's probably Shounen that errs on the side of Shoujo.

Oh, that makes much more sense, then. I've only started reading up on Toward the Terra, and I missed a lot of the mangaka's background because of it. I think it's interesting that the mangaka wrote the first boy's love and such an influential sci-fi, though. I've been making comparisons to newer shows, and you can tell that there might have been subconscious influences. They even gave a nod in terms of who the character designers were for the anime.

Seems like shounen is erring on the side of shoujo a lot these days; the first thing I thought of that did the same kind of thing was 00. Not that Gundam didn't have handsome male characters before that, though.

Well the manga-ka Keiko Takemiya formed this group with these women, it was called the Showa 69 I think, and it was a group of women who wanted to write manga for girls by girls. (Before that many of the male manga-ka had been writing those manga, like Osamu Tezuka of Astroboy fame). I find it interesting that they were the true innovators in terms of shoujo manga (and I'd kill to read The Rose of Versailles honestly, probably going to end up watching Rose of Versailles though)

It's funny though because if you think about it, there are so many series that do err on either side. Oh My Goddess is a Shounen but you'd think that it was shoujo.. just like Azumanga Daioh. I think that what they are, are probably subjective by this point in time because the two terms of Shounen and Shoujo are so broad (and girls are boys read the same things in essence).

I keep hearing about the Rose of Versailles, and I heard it was great, even though it was pretty inaccurate historically (which doesn't matter to me, honestly; as long as the story's good).

Exactly! Sometimes it seems like shounen is drawn much more cutely than shoujo, and it just goes to show that the two genres are blurring even more than they had been before. Clamp was probably a major factor in recent years, considering that Tsubasa, Chobits and Angelic Layer are all supposed to be shounen. I like that a lot more series are attracting fans of both genders, even though nowadays fandom is heavily female.

I adore To Terra! I've read some of the manga, but watched all of the anime as it came out. Lovely series ♥

I definitely want to watch the anime, because I'm sure that it'll be just as good. (I'm just gearing up for that, really)

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