Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Subjects I've been tagged to talk about in length.

Hetalia, icons, koi fish, lesbians and Jezebel Disraeli.

That is about the five subjects meme. I'll get to that but I just wanted to put it my journal so that I'll actually remember to talk about them. (my mind can be so skittered and flittering). I can say loads about each of those subjects though so I won't have any difficulty with that.

Finished the first volume of To Terra. Really really awesome, the whole system is very "Solarian", for those of you who are confused by Xeno-terms, well just google "Solaris" along with the word "Xenogears" and you'll get a description of it. Going to start the next volume tonight. (I love 70's Shoujo!)

I also have some icons I want to make, but we'll see if I actually get to them.

I'm also going to create a tag entitled "about me" which will be things that actually pertain to who I am, extended discussions on likes and dislikes and occasionally a few pairing expositions. The five subjects will be filed underneath the 'about me' tag. (That tag will probably be one of the few serious tags that I create.. enjoy it while you can, since I'm not a very serious person online)

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