Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So I finally got sleep, and it was very good.   After a near 38 hours (because the sleep I got doesn't count in the car, especially with the constant adjusting and making sure that I was alright and the crick in my neck didn't bother me) I was able to sleep after taking care of all sorts of problems had due to lack of sleep.   I am of the opinion when I grow older and sleep becomes less possible for me, that someone should just shoot me, or at the very least kill me, to put me out of my misery. (I am truly attached to sleep, I am convinced that it makes me a decent person.. in theory. 

I did wake up with a sore throat, but at least I'm well rested and with a sore throat (There's sudafed which I took and it may just be some after effects of the old upset stomach which affected my throat since it's not sore, it just feels rather raw.)  

Well let's see, first I'll start with one of my hates.   It's something that came up yesterday when a roommate of mine accused me of being all about the buttsecks, he's often accused me of that even though there are some heterosexual type stuff that I like.  But he only sees the preconceptions of me.   Sure I might of been like that originally when he first met me, but tastes can grow and evolve.    I am not just some shallow yaoi fangirl, in fact most of the mainstream yaoi manga really makes me angry (And there were so many there in Borders, had so much shit and yet none of Terra E.  *Or any of the other series that I know are out by Vertical that seemed rather good.*

I'm going to order the three volumes of Terra E as well as the Suikoden Tekaries strategy guide.

Now if only they'd license The Rose of Versailles.

Oh enough of my rambling and ranting, I'm still waking up.   Bruce's last day is tonight and so everyone is going out to breakfast, I also don't have to be up early on wednesday because all I really have to do is go to the bowling banquet at 5:00.

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