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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
You know those monokini's that has been all the style for the past two years.  It's like a one piece, but with 100% more WHORE (which is why I call it a whorekini).   Well, they are selling them at Wal-Mart, FOR LITTLE GIRLS.  


I wish I could fuck OP's (ocean pacific, the producers of this travesty) shit up, and tell them that YOU DO NOT SEXUALIZE LITTLE GIRLS.

What the hell is the goddamn world coming to?   I'm highly liberal.. but this has nothing to do with liberal, this has everything to do with PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAVE PEDOPHILIAC TENDANCIES.   Why the hell are we making clothing for children that are patterned after highly adult styles?   There are a LOT of sickos in this world, seriously seeing shit like that makes me see red in the way that I want to get a motherfucking baseball bat out.

Sorry for the rant and rage.  There are some things that get me really riled up, and that my friends is one of them.

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Eek, I totally agree, that is just wrong. If i ever have kids, I think they would probably hate me, I would NEVER let them wear things like that. And you know, even ignoring the creepy pedophiles like that, I'm sure it is one of the reasons that kids are more sexual at a younger age nowadays as well.
So many things wrong with the world that can be prevented.

Yeah, I know. It just sort of astounds me really, that people can do things like that, that they can put their children in them and then think it's okay. Okay that they can willfully BUY shit for their 10 year olds.

Whar... I... I mean, WHAT?!

Yeah, it blows the mind.. seriously. causes so much rage issues in me. It's just that people are designing things for children and then people are buying them. I know that pedophiles are pedophiles regardless of what a child wears, but seriously it's just seeing something put out there for children that causes them to grow up ALL THE MUCH FASTER.

Totally agree. There are way too many things that people let their kids dress in that make me go all 'wtf'. It's like...there should be a disclaimer on the clothing of 'if your child gets molested while wearing these, you have no recourse'.

It's not something that I want to think about, I mean it's just causing children to grow up all the faster, teaching them that it's allright to sexualize themselves.. AT EIGHT, OR NINE OR TEN. Before they turn into teenagers where they are going to be sexualizing themselves on a pretty regular basis. But children.. I don't know, I just don't like seeing those clothing put out, it just gives me a sick feeling in my stomach, hey maybe it is because I was robbed of -my- innocence before I turned nine, because I'm more sensitive to these issues, I don't know really.

The only people I knew while growing up who actually dressed their daughters in highly sexualized clothing (which existed before the monokini--sexualization being mostly a matter of advertising and attitude), actually turned out to be paedophiles. Their daughters charged them with various counts of assault later. So maybe there is a pattern. It might be indicative, kind of like the guy who wants to name his daughter Lolita.

That said, I don't go along with anything which blames the victim or excuses the perpetrator. Yes, children are susceptible to being sexualized, and are often coached in that by their peers, mass public advertising, their idols, and even their parents. This is why the law has decreed that adults carry 100% responsibility for governing their own sexual behaviour. It doesn't matter if the child wears nothing but target sign. It doesn't matter if they do a freaking pole dance. If someone touches a kid sexually, there is no legal defense, ever.

Just saying because it disturbs me when I hear anything which places the onus on kids.

And, frankly, little kids should be safe to run around naked without fear of being molested.

(And I know you are just reacting to the sexualization, and didn't mean to imply that there was anything that could excuse a pedophile.)

No there isn't anything that excuses a perpetrator but I think that there is something really sad about marketing that makes a child grow up even faster, I mean when I look about how I was dressed growing up.. and then now. I see the rate at which children grow up as oppossed to then. And yes, I know that people, actually pedophiles are turned on by the children, and not the clothing, still.. I see that sexualization and I just get a little bit sick to my stomach, because there are so many correlating issues in my head, issues that I've had for a very long time that stem back from -my- childhood, and it makes me a tad bit sensitive on that score.

Hyujin, I really get how much this distresses you, how much you want to protect childhood for children. But we do a great disservice to people who are raped or molested with the belief that there is any way in which they could've dressed, behaved or spoken differently that would've prevented this terrible crime from happening to them.

This is just wrong. Grossly wrong, and it's one of those urban myths--one that's been around since before even the burkha was invented. Talk to anyone who works at Rape Crisis or, say, the Legal Action and Education Fund, and they will list off decades after decades of cases after cases which will absolutely prove it wrong, wrong, wrong.

Paedophiles are turned on by having sex with children regardless of what they wear. That's why babies in diapers are raped. In fact, if there were a general target group of kids that most molesters target it would most likely be the outsiders who dress down, or in poor and shabby clothes, the ones that look like they're picked on by other kids at school, or whose parents don't seem to care for them. That's because they appear more vulnerable, and that there would be a easier chance of getting close to them. It's not the ones who dress in flashy clothes or who call attention to themselves. (And there are always exceptions, but this tendency would be borne by statistical evidence.)

And rapists are turned on by taking power away from the people they rape. That's why 80-year-old women are raped, and severely mentally retarded women with deformed skulls, and morbidly obese women, and women in burkhas, and women who have been living on the streets who haven't had a bath in a year, and women whose bodies and faces have been beaten and swollen black and blue until they don't even resemble human beings anymore.

We have to stop conflating rape (real life rape, that is) with sexuality. It's assault, not sex. And the people who do it get their rocks off on taking power away from others, not because their targets are pretty or look sexy or look like anything except a likely target.

You know, it isn't that difficult to call up abstracts with the studies that prove these things. When I started on my masters, I had to cull from a list of over 8,000 of them, and that was back a few years.

Edited at 2009-04-26 12:05 am (UTC)

That drives me nuts about about children's clothing. There's a lot that is sexualized yet it's things like illustrations that get targeted. Seriously, if they want to cut down on children getting exploited, maybe they should start by doing something about some of these clothing makers. -_-

I just think that people just need to let kids be kids, of course alot of media is to blame too.. but I guess that is the price of 'progress' and 'technology' as sad as it is. The blame can really just be placed on all venues honestly, the people who buy them, the people who make them, the media denoting that it's 'cool' to wear a thong. My response, there's a barbie funhouse over there, go and play with it.

Granted some form of sexual exploration is healthy in children, they're going to do it in their own way, either by playing doctor or by exploring gender roles through corresponding toys (like Ninja Turtles or Barbies.. I was rather keen on Turtle/Barbie intermarriage).. but I think that clothing should be left out of it honestly.

Ick. I'm not sure which is worse, the people who make those things or the parents who buy them for their kids.

That reminds me of something I saw today: A pair of shorts that had a lipstick mark on the butt. On a 9 year old. Or these sweatpants I heard about that supposedly promote abstinence and say "True love waits"... printed on the butt. What the hell?!

Yeah, that has the ability to make me a little bit more sick. Lipstick marks on the butt. Gods. I see really alot of cute clothing in teh walmart kids section, clothing that are very appropriate, that are cute and fun, clothing that I would of worn as a little girl. However I see monokini's for little girls, and I just ugh (Oh yes and those little shirts that lace up the back, while just barely covering the front..)

Oh Christ.

I hate looking at clothes for little girls because I'm scared I'm gonna see really slutty things. D:

It's sick how society is sexing up little girls.

As I explained pedophiles will be pedophiles no matter what -but- I think that it's a shame that society feels the need to just feed into the concept that all little girls want to dress like mini 17 year olds

Society has changed since we were younger, you know.

I never wanted to dress like a seventeen year old when I was nine. I was over dressing then.

::shakes head:: That is just... clothing makers of that kind of crap need to get hit with a clue-by-four. Maybe even several. I had three boys. My "baby" was born in 1976. Even now, if I catch one of them with saggy/baggy pants or skin tighties I'll whack 'em a good one with my cane. To me, that's not only disgusting but also unnecessary.

A kajillion years ago when I was young, some joker asked why clothing designers made clothes that only seemed to "fit" young boys (no chest, no waist, no hips). The punch line was because that's what they sleep with/fantasize about.

Just a thought: Ever notice how US kids seem to mature physically earlier than their Western European counterparts? Ever wonder why the EU is so gung ho on NOT accepting US beef/meats because of all the hormones and antibiotics that are generally pumped into our food animals? Think there might be a connection?

As a mom of a 5yr old girl I am sick of seeing these kinds of clothes. I can't find 'normal' underwear it's all hipsters and bikini's. I MEAN BIKINI UNDERWEAR FOR TODDLERS!! Oh and let's talk about trainer bra's with PADDING. What in the hell makes them think that young girls with just developing boobs need padding or cleavage? The skirts and shorts barely get to mid-thigh. It's sick it really is and Wal Mart is a huge mass distributer of this crap. Last time I went there to find regular underwear for my daughter I found one package out of a huge rack display. I refuse to buy this stuff and with the way clothes are going I wonder what will be around when my daughter gets to the point of needing bra's.

My husband blames it not only on the meat but the shots they make little kids have for school as well. A friend of mine her little girl started her period at age nine. Right now I'm trying to figure out a way how to explain to my little girl in four years about all this.

It really is sick with how they sexualized little girls. Then they wonder why they act like sluts and whores. Why they get pregnant and why they get raped. Sorry flame me if you want but I'm a firm believer in 'if you dress and act like a whore don't cry when you get raped'. If its a child dressed like this then it's the parents fault for allowing it as well as the person who does it. But if you're a teen/adult sorry I feel you deserve what you get because you know better.

I like the policy my daughter elementary school has. No sexualized clothing; they will measure skirts and shorts. They allow no mid-riffs and such. I think for a school this is a good policy and I really think all the school's should adopt this policy.

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