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: 8 hours working nightshift in retail is too long to think :

Okay guys, I'm utterly notorious for this.   I will plot out journal posts in my head.   I think it's a good idea and I think I have something interesting to say (don't let me fool you, I really don't.   I'm lamers where that is concerned.  I'd just like to think I'm interesting.. really not so much).   Usually I'll go and think that perhaps I'll remember it, but sometimes if I hear a quote SO GOOD, I will write it down.   There are two quotes tonight and here I am typing up what I had written.    These quotes come from Anime World Order which I listen to while I do all the menial nightly tasks that are assigned to me.  (Oh ipod, I would be so lost without you)

On the subject of Fairy Tales...

Gerald Rathkolb: (in regards to Grimm's fairytales)  "Well I think that one o the lessons I learned was 'if you find a bucket that has got your family members chopped up in it, if you sew them back together and drain the blood back into their bodies.. they -might- survive"

:LOL:   Funny because that is the precise reason why I -loved- Grimm's fairytales.   they were very macabre and everything doesn't always end happily.   Many people say that this is probably why I am so well adjusted and don't expect happy endings, I say that this is probably the exact reason why I think that RG Veda was a 'heartwarming story of love and friendship'.

On the subject of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (and fashion)

Daryl Surat:  "Here is the thing you gotta understand about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.. it set the rule as far as power level versus fashion sense.  The rule is as follows;  If you can fight like a motherfucker, you can dress however you damn well please.  Because no one is gonna say anything.   What are they going to do?  Make fun of the fact that you're wearing pointy elf shows and have hearts on your kneecaps?"

My only statement in regards to that is.. if you like fighting series.  If you like fighting series that is OVER THE TOP (and fabulous).  Jojo's Bizarrre Adventure might be a nice fit.  Of course I've noticed that I'm wierd for fangirling alot of STRANGE things... guys who can make brains explode with a coke bottle cap is probably one of them.

I'm still not totally feeling better so I'm going to call it early and go to sleep now.   Have a good day everyone!

On an added note, maybe one day I'll stop falling asleep to Take That.  (That's my music du'jour.. I fangirl that band totally.)


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