Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I'm finally caught up on the APH anime.   And with that being said, I really think that maybe I should go to sleep now, I'm starting to yawn and even though I slept my entire day away yesterday (in fact I did end up sleeping after I got home from Breakfast, and then I woke up and then went right back to sleep until like 9 pm.)  I still think that I could sleep a great deal more.

I think that Jezebel wants in the Supernatural RP but I'm trying to figure out where to place him.  Maybe I'll dream on it or something (but please I don't want to dream about spiders coming out of people's heads/faces/arms/crevices.. now that's just creepy.).    I have a headache and I have an upset stomach but at least I'm not puking or other such things.

Jennie is also watching Princess Tutu.  SCORE!  WIN!  PROFIT!

Don't make me get my Mythos/Fakir banner out.   I will.  (That was just the first pairing that appealed to me.. and often times I'll usually go with my gut feeling about pairings, because my first and initial gut feeling is always the most correct one I've noticed.

I have to say that as far as Hetalia goes, I think that hands down my favorite pairing in that series is Japan/Greece.   Jennie's right, there's something uber wibbly about the both of them.   One day they are going to have to have a scene of their own in the Supernatural, but still there are alot of scenes left t be had.  (Though honestly, I'm a sucker for Hungary/Austria too)

Okay now I'm going to sleep.. for real.


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