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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I've uploaded a few more icons that I think are my best work.   I can never decide what icons to use.  I made a Jezebel Disraeli icon however it didn't turn out quite the way I wanted to, it's good but not my best so it's loaded over at my Insanejournal Userpics (I have 5,000 of those, thus is the fate of an iconphile who likes to create icons.    I may also link icons to a particular entry if in fact I decide that there is an icon over there that I want to use.  (but I don't want to load it up here).   I've done that before sooo.

with the original being Here

I wanted it to be a tad bit darker, but once again it's hard with Dr. Disraeli because honestly he is so very, light.   The bigger version was better, you could see all of the shadowings I laced over his face before I had to downsize the picture to icon sized.   This is the manga scan where he offers this elixer of youth to this rather plain girl.   The elixer of youth though is really some sort of poison that will eat away at a person until they just sort of explode through their eyes.    He's not a very good person, but honestly I love him regardless because later in the series, you can't help but feel as if he's just been played like an untuned violin.. madly and with 100% more cacophony.

And because I'm a dork, the song that I was listening to when I made the icon. (I post ALOT of music on my journal.. some of it isn't really the sane kind, this one is reasonable though, from one of my favorite british artists.)

Mark Owen - Wasting Away

I have a huge ass headache, urgh.  Complete with loud fist of the north star-style screaming in my head.. you know the "ARRRRGHHHHH!" and the flashing lights and everything.

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I have to say, the color on that is lovely, even if it did come out a little bright.

Out of all the icons I make, I'd say that really only a very small fraction of them are my best work. Most are crap. Yeah... and I can never decide which ones to use here either.

(Deleted comment)
Well I recently got into a very big new Take That kick in which I realized that Mark Owen was my favorite vocalist so I downloaded EVERY SINGLE THING I COULD. There are a few songs that I can't get but honestly I'm happy and Mark Owen is definitely a favorite now.

I <3 Take That! *hee's* I even have some Take That icons which I should upload here.

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