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Welcome to Hyu's fourth annual music of *insert year here*. As we draw to the end of 2008, I like to take a little time to reflect on the songs that really seemed to influence me. This goes with everything, just a song can really turn my mindset around, it can also become fodder for creativity and inspiration. These songs I've found got stuck in my head, I put them on repeat in winamp, alot of them became keywords for icons and of course I've written fics to them as well. I say thank you to these particular songs, for making up the discography of 2008 for me, for shaping me in some way, shape or form. These songs are up for download, since I want to share them all with my friend's list (really I strongly recommend -all- of these songs.. these are awesome-pants tunes)

I have alot of different genres, however I tended to go more with upbeat songs this year, though there are a few real tear-jerkers in the set. Japanese music was almost completely devoid with the exception of one song which actually made it, perhaps it was because that song was the song of new beginnings in my mind as I left a job that I completely and utterly hated. I discovered some really obscure bands and artists and I fell in love with a particular artist (Nerina Pallot) and I ended up really really really digging a old group from the 80s (Crowded House). This year it really does run the gamut. I've included the line of the song that really was the kicker, the one that hit the soul the hardest with me, and as usual.. they are all downloadable.

The banner is Zack/Angeal.. from FFVII Crisis Core, and it's companion song is "Wind Beneath My Wings", the cover by Sonata Artica.

So let's start the show!

Michael Bublé - Everything

"You're a falling star,
You're the getaway car..
You're the line in the sand when I go to far"

V - Hip to Hip

"The rhythem that you're giving me is changing my life
And baby if you said 'Jump', I'd say 'How high?'."

Morten Harket & Silje Nergaard - Where You Are

"Where you are, I will be with you..
Someday soon our hearts will mend.
Where you are.. I will be with you..
Til that rainbow's end."

James Blunt - 1973

"And as time goes by I will always be
in a club with you in 1973.. singing 'here we go again'."

The Snow Patrol - Make This Go On Forever

"The weight of water,
The way you taught me to
Look past everything I'd ever learned"

Jordin Sparks - Tattoo

"Don't look back, got a new direction..
Loved you once, needed protection.
Still apart of everything I do..
You're on my heart just like a tattoo."

Emilie Autumn - Swallow

"I don't want to be a legend
Oh well that's a god-damned lie - I do..
To say I do this for the people,
I admit is hardly true."

Nerina Pallot - Alien

"Do you know where you come from?
Because you look out of place
In a town where only the rain comes down."

Crowded House - Nails in My Feet

"I look into space,
There is no connection..
A million points of light
In a conversation I can't face."

Makino Yui - Undine

*Japanese* *Theme song to Aria* (Special Note: there is nothing like driving home from your new and much preferrable workplace, the sun is rising in the sky and this song comes on, you feel as if everything is just -right- with the world and that you are just so very blessed.. that's the only way I can really describe this song)

Laura Pausini - Surrender

"I always made it on my own,
I always thought that I would keep control.
You changed everything I believe in..
And now I just can't fight this feeling"

Sara Bareilles - Love Song

"Blank stares and blank pages,
No easy way to say this..
You mean well but you make this hard on me"

Katie Melua - I Cried For You

"And in many years they may forget this love of ours or that we met..
They may not know how much you meant to me"

Nerina Pallot - Sophia

"And the sky's the same as your own, do you think of me?
Do the parks and the trees and the leaves reach you there?"

Conjure One - Manic Star

"Time doesn't stop for anyone,
It doesn't matter what you've done.
I want to lose myself in you..
Are you afraid of dying too?"

Mêlée - You Got

"I want what I can't afford,
You know what I'm saving for..
You know what we need..
And I want it now."

New Kids on the Block - Summertime

"I was like 'hey girl can I get your number?'
I remember what you told me too..
'don't call after ten', but you know that I did..
Cause I can't stop thinking about you"

Panic! At the Disco - Camisado

"You're a regular decorated emergancy,
The bruises and contusions will remind me what you did when you wake"

A Fine Frenzy - Rangers

"Melancholy phantoms eye our skins..
Poison apples falling with the wind..."

Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup

"Whoops I think I got too close,
Cause now he's telling me I'm the girl that he likes most.
Now I'm messed up, it's not the first time..
I'm not saying that you're not on my mind..
I hope you don't think I'm unkind."

Tori Amos - Parasol

"I haven't moved since the cow came..
Since the cow came I haven't moved..
I stare at the war knowing at the other side
The storm that waits for me."

Jimmy Eat World - Let it Happen

"I'm the evil one who said,
'Gonna let everything just happen'.
Just like my chest, my ears are proud..
The collision is such an ugly sound"

Sonata Artica - Wind Beneath my Wings

"Did you ever know that you're my hero
And everything that I would like to be?
I can fly higher then an eagle..
Cause you are the wind beneath my wings"

The Pierces - Lights On

"And this won't get any easier now that you're heart is beating in my hand,
And I'll try not to destroy you baby, even though we both know I can."

The Calling - Unstoppable

"Do think that this is right?
Or is it really wrong..
I know this is what we've been wanting."

Nightmare of You - I Want to be Buried in Your Backyard

"A flash of dark interest
Stares us into this car crash,
Uniting our remains.. a fiery hurrah.. hay hay hay.."

Crowded House - World Where You Live (Live at the Sydney Opera House)

"Here's somone now who's got the muscle
His steady hand could move a mountain..
Expert in bed.. come on now there must be something missing"

Keane - Spiralling

"Cause now I only see my dreams in everything I touch.
Feel their cold hands on everything that I love..
Cold like some magnificent skyline
Out out my reach but always in my eye line."

Lily Allen - Absolutely Nothing

"I know that you just want to see me get upset,
My world turned upside down.. so what did you expect?"

The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

"I see them staring at me,
Oh, I'm a trendsetter..
Yes, this is true, 'cause what I do
No one can do it better."

Arctic Monkeys - This House is a Circus

"This house is a circus, berserk as fuck
We tend to see that as a perk though. Look
What it's done to your friends their memories are pretend
And the last thing they want is for the feeling to end"

Ace of Base - Everytime it Rains

"I feel you, I taste you.. I cannot forget.
Everytime it rains.. I get wet."

The Kills - Soul Cherry

"Oh make my blood thump 7,8,9..
Make my heart beat double time..
Now I'm the sour cherry on your fruit stand, right?
Am I the only sour cherry on your fruit stand?"

Butterfly Boucher - Another White Dash

"There is something exciting about leaving everything behind.
There is something deep and pulling leaving everything behind."

Plumb - Blush (Only You)

"I wanna be in love with only you..
I wanna watch the sky downgrade and blue.
I wanna know the kiss that's always new,
I wanna be in love with only you."

The Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot

"Watching the people get lairy
Is not very pretty I tell thee..
Walking through town is quite scary..
And not very sensible either.."

Emilie Autumn - Chambermaid

"I'm out of place,
and honey, you are out of time..
I'd tell your fortune but the word's don't rhyme."

Deltawave - Strychnine and Soda

"I'm gonna walk a little taller,
I'm gonna shout a little louder.
I'm will do everything it takes to make you notice me.
I'm gonna get a little closer,
And will you let me meet your mother,
Because then I'd understand all the things you do to me."

Those Dancing Days - Hitten

"Tell me, please tell me..
What to do now, now that I know myself..
Do you really think I really could rely on this new person I've become,
Do you really think I'd give a damn now that I can do whatever I want?"
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