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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Holy shit!

LJ has upped it's perm account limits, I logged in and saw 195 userpics. Not like it phases me, I have 5,000 userpics over at IJ. So creativity basically rules -however- it's nice. I'll find the 15 gb image storage stuff alot more useful. Icons are only as good as the creativity that I find to be able to make them.

So what's up everyone?

LoTR online has been eating my soul, along with work and real life as well as quality tiemz with shuufish. I am going to go upload some Lord of the Rings screenies.

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I've been working constantly since May. And that's really all that's been up.

Btw, did Onee-sama ever get my package?

What package? I don't know.. honestly. *blinks*

I made a blanket for Midori and sent it off a couple months ago.

Oh yes seh did! she told me that, I am not good about remembering since I always wake up AFTER the post comes.


I was so afraid it wouldn't make it since the post has known to fail at not deliver things for me before. But yay!

I got it! This is shuufish on my community journal, I might add you here, if you don't mind.


What server(s) are you on, if I may ask? I got a new laptop and I find playing without a mouse kind of difficult. Yet I'm too lazy to hook up my mouse.

Hooray, wasting money on delicious games!

Ahahaha I do play on the Landroval server! I have so totally mastered the art of playing without a mouse. But yes if you ever go ont he landroval server then look me up. I'm usually on as either Naomii or Aiike!

I've been up to the usual.

LJing, video gaming, working at my new job at the camera shop (no more coffee, whoop!) and being far too engrossed in my music. XD


LOTRO? What server are you on?

Landroval! Either Naomii or Aiike I'm on as!



I'm on Celebrion. 59 (...well, three bars until) elf hunter.


LOL SERIOUSLY. I'll probably be on tomorrow, trying to get closer to 60 and maybe working on Vol 2 Book 6 (where the hell is this Foundations of Stone place grahhhh it's the only place in Moria I haven't been yet).

Are you in a kinship? And what level are you?

I'm a lvl 44 Champion.. and yes I'm in a kinship. I play sporadically and I've been mostly on my Warden (wooh new shinies) because I really like playing him. But yes, not that far ahead. We're fighting through Angmar right now!

Ooh. I rolled a Warden, but only got to level 6 or so before I decided I wanted to plunge into Moria on my main.

Oh, Angmar. I went there recently for a Vol 1 Book 14 quest, and I do not miss that place. Oh, the memories.

Wait, can we have more, or do we have to pay for it?

You have to pay more.. well I paid three years ago when I got a permie account. Or do you mean IJ? IJ is what I bought. I had to pay for it essentially.

I have 5,000 userpics over at IJ.

Holy shit, indeed >______> hahaha that is amazing.

LoTR online has been eating my soul

How is that anyway? I have been playing WoW for awhile now, and love it, but dungeon politics are beginning to grate on me a bit from time to time :(

There is so much non-drama in lotro that you can actually breathe! It's fun, I like it.

5000?! >_>;

I wanna play LOTR Online, but I wish goblins/orcs were playable characters.

I recently went on an epic journey, saved the world, and came back with a shiny new sword.


Nah, you know what I've been up to. (Although now I can work on Miss Cat v. Greil fic!)

Shiny new sword. ROCK! (I bet it look's like Angeal's/Zack's and if it does then that is awesome). And yeah I do know how you're faring, but it remains to be seen that I'm still proud of you!)

Of course it does! Wouldn't have brought it back otherwise~

(Thanks. *hug*)

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