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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: I has a cat.. maybe :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I -might- has a cat.

I'm saying "might' because I'm not sure. But there was this stray, thin as bones, obviously really young.. she came up to me a week ago and was just purring and demanding pets. I pet her and felt bad for her but was wary of giving her food. Then when shukoi and I were walking Midori, she ran out to me immediately, and I pet her and then Jenny was like "Poor kitty, does she have a home" and then suggested that we put her in the garage while we fed her something. Then we talked about it and decided to take her to the vet to get checked up and vaccinations and well checked out.

So now we're talking about keeping her if we can't find her owner. We're checking signposts as we speak, but I do not think that she had an owner that took very good care of her, she was scrawny and needed some food, she went into the cat carrier no question and it was obvious that she'd never been to a vet before. The vet said that she's probably around a year old, gave her the vaccinations (Oh the hissing fits were fabulous, more fabulous then any of the cats I've ever been with..) and there's a chance she's either preggy or she has a stuffed belly. *she ate ALOT*

She hasn't been spayed because the doctor shaved her and saw absolutely no fixed scars.

So anyways, I thought that Lala was a cute name for her.. if we keep her, I'm going with that. (Lala from the manga Princess... As much as I'd want her to be named Eshild, theoretically Prim is more like Eshild in personality then this kitty is). Besides, it's easy to remember for Midori.

If in fact she is preggy, then somewhere there is a Skadei tom that probably should be fixed. Bad Skadei.. bad bad bad.

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I hope you get to keep her!


(Deleted comment)
She did.. we were surprised at how easy it was to get her into a carrier. Though she did not react very well to the shot, in fact she had obviously not gotten a shot before because she hissed and it was almost impossible to keep her down. Most cats that I've had, had been sort of hissy but bore through the shots very well.

I'm with kaiousei regarding her behavior. I hope you get to keep her as it sounds like she could use a loving home. If she is preggers, well, here's hoping you can find good homes for the little ones. And then get her fixed. ::chuckles:: That way there won't be anymore "surprises" and all.

Take care hon. ::hugs::

Yeah, getting fixed is a definite.

This is such a cute post, I had to share it on AIM to a couple of friends XD


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