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You know, despite what everyone may think, my sekrit music weakness is mainstream music. I like indie granted.. but I am just a damn sucker for music with a good pop and/or dance beat. Take the song by Maroon 5 ft Rihanna... I am so adoring the song that it's not even funny. There are little things that I've learned about myself in the past year, things that are slightly crazy but I realized make up -me-. One of them is of course that I like reality TV and can be a glued to the TV when therein is gathered a bunch of people who do stupid stuff. Secondly is my love of pop. (And even more sekrit... boy bands. Don't ask, I swear it's the truth).

It's amazing what you'll find on MTV during the night when they actually -play- (*gasp*) music videos.

I want to icon but I don't know what I want to icon. FFIV is an option, Crisis Core would be an option too if I actually could find a good Zack screencap.. though there are alot of good caps at the beginning that I dig.

You know, I only have seven icons uploaded to this journal. Only the ones that I've a deep and abiding love for. This one is of my most favorite heterosexual couple of all times, Leo and Eshild! Now I'm going to start rambling about the manga series Princess, so really it's better to stop reading right now if you can't stand manga rambling. But yes, it's a really good series. An extended review can be read in increments over at my IJ. But well it's a series that spans over 30 years I think. It takes place with four girls, and the men who love them. (Nia.. reading something with not a bit of gay in it.. wilder things have happened, kids). The main girl, Bii and the Prince of Ramira, Biyon. (Bii is a server girl who grew up with the Prince). They fall in love but it's just unsuitable for a Prince to marry a server girl. He's then engaged to Eshild because that's appropriate and Bii is sent off to the country so that the Prince will forget about her. Step in Leo, Biyon's best friend and vassal who falls in love with Eshild and is sent to 'protect' her. Eshild however has different plans, she finagles Leo into swordplay lessons and they eventually fall in love with each other.. (but because Eshild is set to marry Biyon, well there is the angst, except it's not angst so much as Leo glowers over the fact that he can't have her and Eshild goes off to stab things with her sword. Stuff happens, people die... through 30 volumes. It's still ongoing too. (in fact I'm waiting for the scans to release for the rest of volume 31.)

Leo and Eshild give me heart stabbies.. but in the best possible way.

It's the reason why on IJ, I have like 25 icons of Eshild. Perfect woman, clearly an aries. My fond nickname for her is Battle Maid Eshild.

Most Princess icons I make are from black and white. This icon of the both of them.. it was originally black and white, so is my infamous Battle Maid Eshild icon that is the placeholder for my journal.

My current work in icons.. be warned, there is a million Princess icons later on

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