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Story involving me and straight guy that likes me (at Walmart). No seriously.. Walmart is switching to this new Freight system where we all arrange our stuff in the backroom and I was in the back hefting pallets for Frannie. (because she's itty bitty short and I'm strong). I saw her struggling with one and so I pick it up and put it on the rolly cart, when I turn around.. there is this guy and he's reaching to tweak my arm. and then he goes "Mmmm muscle" and I just look at him because he's just invaded my personal space. Not to where I'm offended, but to where I give him the 'stand down' look.

This comes of course the day after I'm zoning in women's and he's taking back carts and he cuts RIGHT through softlines, not just through softlines but over the woods (a term we use for the hardwood floors) and right past the table IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS where I am zoning the Faded Glory old women shirts display. EVERYONE IN THE STORE doesn't cut through softlines, but he felt he -had- to. I want to draw a little map but I can't. But let's just say it's a route that no one has EVER taken by shopping cart processional. I mean it's ludicrous that he'd even do it.

Once again not offended, I just feel terribly mocking. Obviously no one has told him that I'm a lesbian yet, but I'm just going to pull a Kendappa on him.

So how is everyone today?
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