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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Story involving me and straight guy that likes me (at Walmart). No seriously.. Walmart is switching to this new Freight system where we all arrange our stuff in the backroom and I was in the back hefting pallets for Frannie. (because she's itty bitty short and I'm strong). I saw her struggling with one and so I pick it up and put it on the rolly cart, when I turn around.. there is this guy and he's reaching to tweak my arm. and then he goes "Mmmm muscle" and I just look at him because he's just invaded my personal space. Not to where I'm offended, but to where I give him the 'stand down' look.

This comes of course the day after I'm zoning in women's and he's taking back carts and he cuts RIGHT through softlines, not just through softlines but over the woods (a term we use for the hardwood floors) and right past the table IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS where I am zoning the Faded Glory old women shirts display. EVERYONE IN THE STORE doesn't cut through softlines, but he felt he -had- to. I want to draw a little map but I can't. But let's just say it's a route that no one has EVER taken by shopping cart processional. I mean it's ludicrous that he'd even do it.

Once again not offended, I just feel terribly mocking. Obviously no one has told him that I'm a lesbian yet, but I'm just going to pull a Kendappa on him.

So how is everyone today?

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Wth that's close to harassment (if it isn't already).

What are softlines?

You know, is strikes me as the type to be just an idiot so well i'm not construing it as harassment. And softlines is basically the 'clothing' part of the store. Hardlines is what we refer to as the hard stuff, food, paper and chemicals, toys and everything that you don't wear essentially.

I did give him a look, oh boy did I ever.. and while that wouldn't matter in the scheme of things, I'm certainly not going to smile at him. I think it's just a product of the fact that I'm the only under '40' female there. All the women on shift are older, married with children and such.


Well, damn. I hope he finally figures it out so he'd stop bugging you!

Eep, that muscle thing was a bit creepy of him in any case. It'll be interesting to see what he does when someone finally tells him!

Yes, because I turned around and he was there. I almost fell off the goddamned pallet. Frannie laughed, she probably found it funny that a guy was hitting on me.

Seriously everyone in the store knows I'm a lesbian by now EXCEPT him.

OMG since i know the layout of that store I know probably exactly what you mean! That guy needs to be informed and not seeped in ignorant bliss methinks.


You know, I think it's just a a case of "I'm the only woman under 50" working on nights", and I'm nowhere near what one would consider hot but the lack of daylight tends to affect the male species I've noticed.

Some guy's don't go for hot you know. or some girls HAHAHA.
But -pets you- I dunno what to do about this one.

Ahahaha if he went for boys, I'd know.. OH YOU BET I'D KNOW! (my gaydar is exceptionally fine tuned)

LOL that totally wasn't what I meant but Hehehehe I understand!!! ^^

Maybe just being a non-butch lesbian just ups my hot level. (well I'm not femme either.. I'm right there in the middle between girly and boyish I think) I don't know, who can say.

Trust me there is a real appeal to the Androgynous sort. -giggles-
But yes, non-butch lesbian's do have an interesting appeal. It probably as something to do with the, well being non-butch. lol.

Sorry I'm so not coherant, I've not been to bed yet.. I'm a bit loopy *thuds*

HAHAHA, Go SLEEP. Silly woman.

But I can't.. I tried laying in my bed and no workie.. so I went out and got food, I'm hoping that a full tummy will drop me off like a fly!

Oh I do hate when that happens @_#. Good luck getting some sleep!

Dimitri got fired from Walmart for less than that arm thing that guy was doing. Sounds like the kind of guy who keeps a poster of Dane Cook above his bed for inspiration.

Thank you, though. I have not had a reason to use this icon in a while.

While I'm proud of the muscles I have from hefting around freight.. I still have my area of no-go.. and not even the hottest girl (Okay so I'll make an exception for Jennie, Hooters Waitresses and Lindsey Lohan) can get beyond that area of 'no-go'.




Oi. Silly boys.

I'm doing well today, for having been up for only an hour. XD;

This calls for a clever way to trap him. Unfortunately, I have no ideas.

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