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Of course I've not stopped iconing. While over at GJ, I went through a large part where all I iconed was Gundam 00, then it was Princess. Now it seems to be FFIV.

Icon Journal over at IJ

I just don't update Soylent Icons anymore. Just because I didn't log over here nearly as much, and I'm still not really. I update and do alot of crossposting, when I can think about it. (I did post one thing that I didn't post over here, that was just a brief Princess rant, spreading my special form of bitchery about all the fanfucks in that place that seem to think that a weeping idiot woman in a big foofy dress seems to be the better alternative to a strong woman who can kick ass and take names and doesn't need a man to save her and likewise doesn't need to be a lesbian to do the ass kicking. God damn it, I swear. This is why I safely play in my corner with the twin star, especially where idiocy is concerned.

I still love Xenogears, and I'm hoping that they are going to release it for PSP. (that would be awesome)

Did I also mention that Soraya Saga (wife of the creator of Xenogears, Takahashi) drew me a PICTOOOR. Myself, Tinrobo, Atma-Weapon, Katimus and a few others have been conversing with Soraya over @ Deviantart. I jokingly told her that if she ever wanted to draw Sigurd again, I'd like so totally love it. Sure enough, two weeks later, I am getting in from work, check my journal and Tin had commented on my entry spazzing the hell out and going. "OMG NIA CHECK DEVIANTART NOW!". And there it was. Sigurd. Not just Sigurd, but SIGURD AND HYUGA.. From the one who had originally CREATED Sigurd.

I was walking on cloud 9 for the rest of the week. I don't think my feet actually touched the ground. Take how I felt when myaru had added me. (someone who I had idolized excessively, because of her contribution to Xenogears, look at her database, THE best database ever for the game) and multiply it.. by a large number.

A list of other things of note.

1.) Not working for Penny's Kitchen anymore. Penny was a nazi. Instead I am working at Walmart, I get to hang up clothing and process freight. Oh yes and I work at night, thus bringing me back to my night owl roots.
2.) Going through a Jpop/Jrock disillusionment, purging -most- of that music from my playlist. I can't listen to alot of it without getting that queasy feeling in my stomach. There are a few that stay, because they are so damn catchy and I like it, chances are is that if it's gotten to be on a disk for my car, I'm keeping it. However in it's place I've grown attached to some rocking english-speaking artists. Sara Bareilles, Jimmy Eat World, Arctic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, Nerina Pallot.. and a whole bunch of other artists.
3.) New Kids on the Block. They are back. Both Mish and I were giggling over it. It seems Joey has finally gone through puberty. It's about bloody time. Their song "summertime" is strangely addictive though and I find myself tapping my feet. Though there was speculation between me and Mish about how we think the 30 year old fangirls will behave, and if they are going to go out and buy the NKOTB matching sheet sets (and how will their husbands react?) This won't be a worry for all of those 30 year old virgin women though who've saved themselves for Jordan Knight, they're probably still -sleeping- on those sheets back from the 80s. (do us a favor and wash your sheets)
4.) Isaac Hayes has gone off to join Xenu, rest in peace. You'll be remembered for your Shaft theme song, I can guarentee it.
5.) I think I've rambled on enough as it is. Going to go and get dressed.
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