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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Gasp.. I live! :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I live! No seriously I do.

So how is everyone over here. Sorry about that, beeing over at IJ for the most part. (Hey, I have 5,000 icon slots over there.. how can I possibly complain)

I am thinking of like doing away with all the icons over here and uploading new ones. I have a bunch of Eshild ones that beg to be used as well as some FFIV ones (from the DS remake. Been playing that, and Crisis Core which is strangely addicting.. thus forcing me to eat my words that FF7 is a waste of time.. well wait, the actual game is.. I liked Crisis Core though, and Zack is a fairly decent main character.. he's certainly endeared himself to me where Cloud generally can't)

So how is everyone? Anything new to report?

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The remake of Final Fantasy IV is really good~ I picked it up the other day, and I pretty much haven't put it down yet. XD Me and my brother are more than slightly tempted to dig out the old SNES version and compare dialogue. >DDD

Good to see you living though~ ♥

Hi Sara Pie! *really I need to upload some of the icons I have of that game* I'm a fool for Edge/Rydia and it's really just an awesome game. I know they kept Spoony Bard, I would of been hurt if they hadn't. Really excellent game, makes me weep to see it.. I'm really just a fool for that game.. now all they have to do is remake VI and I can die happy (but they're coming out with DS Chrono Trigger this christmas.)

(Deleted comment)
Yes me too.. I mean I was sort of iffy on FF7 and they killed off my favorite character in FF7 so very soon... which made me sad. But Zack, just wow.. I loved him from the beginning and I just find myself continuing to pick up CC and just play because I want to see what Zack will do next.

And I've been looking at The World Ends With You, but I'm not totally sure yet. *hurms*

*hugs* Yay! I lieks hugs!

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Ahh good ol' Crisis Core. Before it, I had never played anything related to FF and I had only watched Advent Children and known the story from watching a friend play XD. I gotta say the battle system is impressive and Zack is pretty cute :o!

As for anything to report:

o1. I'm 1 course away from graduating. I'm just waiting for the program coordinator to send me the tuition free.

o2. Looking for a new job, Walmart has driven me up and over the damn wall!

o3. I'm doing something for my art that I've wanted to do for a while: Building an artsite

o4. Getting older each day -_-!

Great hearing from you.

Oh many I had responded to this but unfortunately it didn't go through. But yes I love Crisis Core and Zack is particularly adorable (I love how he's called 'puppy')

Oh yes and I work at Walmart too. Small world.. or not. What do you do at Walmart?



:O you live!

I...have nothing new to report. I wish I did, but I am boring. ._. Save I do adore Crisis Core Zack~

I just want to lick Crisis Core Zack.. >.> Or maybe I just want to sit on Angeal.. I'm not sure which.

(Deleted comment)
Yay that is auspicious! You know sometimes it takes a while, but hurrah. I'm happy for you!

I still have yet to play Crisis Core. Then again, I have yet to play any of the FFVII line that wasn't the original FFVII game. o.o

Zack. ;-; I lurves him.

And.. Maaan I keep forgetting about IJ! *Flails wildly*

I have a fondness for Zack's boyfriend, Angeal (not realy his boyfriend, but I like to pretend.. *coughs*)

Hi! ♥ Chilling, rping everywhere lol, getting back into graphics. And have a Zack icon! :D

Holy poo! 5000 icons! *drools*


There is... wayyy too much new to report. XD; Are you gonna' be stickin' around over here, or IJ?? I want to get to know you!

You know, I think I may make an effort to crosspost.. perhaps. I don't think I'll committ to any new friends on here.. meaning that I won't add. But I may crosspost when I can.

Really I suck.. but you know what, that icon you are using right now just filled me with a special sort of happy.

Yay for a living Nia! ::snugglehugs muchly:: Good to see you're still around!

*hugs* How are you doing anyways?

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