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~Here we stand here in the golden sunlight, dreaming only of the Promised Land~

Well Alexi is back. And there was much rejoicing. Yes Nia is very much happy, probably alot more emotionally complete... and not feeling so alone in this big house. Right now he is talking with our friend Morgan and I am surfing the net.. though I don't know anything that I could be looking up. I think that has alot to do with motivation.

It was very funny because he came in 15 minutes early and I had looked on the little screen and didn't see his flight.. so I went to the soda machine while Dimitri went to check on the times. I turned around and I saw him come through the gate, and I had to do a double take.

Then I ran to him in my flip floppy sandals, in which what must of been a crude version of running and I threw myself into his arms.

And I tell you one thing, I can't even begin to fathom my happiness,

Just watching him smile, knowing that I love him so completely and he loves me. I don't think he even realizes it. It isn't all about sex even though I prattle about it quite a bit. It is feeling wanted, needed.. that is the main thing. Knowing that there is another soul that understands you completely and that soul is in the same room as you.

May all the blessings of love rain down upon all of you. Be patience for good things come to those that wait. Damn it, I should know!

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