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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: My thoughts on Gundam 00.. let me tell you them :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
shuufish and I just sunk most of the Gundam series in a WEEK. Which is a record for us. And all I have to say is. "WHAT THE HELL WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER FOR THE NEXT SEASON?!?!" Sunrise, D'oh. MUCH STABBITIES.. MUCH STABBITIES.

Hark, I have pairings that I like. (for all of you who do not like homosexual pairings, don't bother reading much past this.. because yes, I have a few homosexual pairings that I like and I'm going to expound upon them RIGHT now.)

Tieria/Lockon. Yes, you did see it coming.. and the end fueled it for me.. and while I won't say that it is canon per se, but it certainly has ENOUGH subtext to substantiate it in my mind and make it uber sweet.

Hallelujah/Allelujah. Crackship ahoy! But hey I found japanese fanart of it. There was a long discussion I had with a bourgeoning Hallelujah muse involving how masturbation was technically incest because you couldn't get any more related to you then yourself and that is probably why Onan got struck down by God in the Bible, because he was sleeping with himself. And you know, masturbation.. everyone does it and the people who don't masturbate are either asexual or liars.

Graham/Billy - "That's why I fell for him..".. exact words in, what was it the second or third episode. Yes it was a joke, but you know what.. so what. I think it's cute in it's own convoluted way.


Setsuna/Exia - Because let's face it.. he's fixated with his gundam.

Felt/Kris: - Very little canon basis, however Kris is always trying to have Felt go off and do other things like shopping. (And I bet Felt secretly enjoys it)

Mei/Hong - The idol princess and her ninja warrior.. that is true love right there.

I hated most of the thrones with the exception of Johan. Mihael and Neena were absolutely vile.. Johan was probably just as bad but he wasn't OBNOXIOUS. I can do destructive if they are not obnoxious, seriously when Neena opened fire on that wedding party just because they were having fun while she couldn't.. well damn it, I just wanted to kill her and then stake her so that she didn't decide to just randomly come back to life due to her evil vampiric uber-bitch powers.

Honestly Neena made Tieria seem like a fucking good samaritan.

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Oh wow o__o It's that long till the next season? I remember someone telling me what next season was gonna be about, but hope they keep some of the old cast.

Aw~I like Tieria/Lockon too~ And find Louise/Saji adoreable. X3

I love Michael just because he said he'd be all over Tieria if he was a chick. I was all "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'IF???'" XD Michael/Tieria is one of my favorite pairings.

Tieria/Lockon is adorable, too. I love how Lockon's injuries and death brought out the human side of Tieria. And "I can finally go to where you are...Lockon..."? *cries*

Graham is just crack all around. Wanting to seduce a Gundam. XD

Why must we wait until October???? All I want right now is for Patrick to get his kiss from his Taisa. XD I've never loved a het pairing as much as I adore those two. :D

You know I forgot that pairing as well.. damn it that was cute in a bucket and if we don't get that kiss I SHALL BE JIPPPED!

The Thrones...*twitch*

I have to admit, I also like Alleluja/Halleluja (and me and my best friend have the matching muses), but simply because I get the feeling that Halleluja honestly tried to protect Alleluja...if in a very amoral way. After all, Alleluja wasn't going to do anything to save himself when he was in trouble. I am very sad because of the end

But I also like Lockon/Alleluja as my very very very noncanon pairing....

But I love Graham/Billy~ I wish they had had more episode time. And Saji/Louise, even if Louise was kind of annoying in the boyfriend. Saji's just so sweet.


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