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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: Idiot people are idiot :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Okay.. honestly.. I have something to say.

Anyone who is STILL upset about squenix_uni needs to grow the fuck up. Seriously. That happened a YEAR AND A HALF AGO. Both I and shuufish are done with it and have moved on with our lives, and your petty comments are just that, petty. Why don't you go and do something more productive with your time then dwell over the past. Perhaps get rid of that pasty pallor you have from spending all your time online RPing until the wee hours of the morning.. oh wait.. I forgot.. INTERNET RPING IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!

And for anyone who responds to this that isn't on my flist and shit, well then.. I think that you need TO GET THE HELL OUT OF MY JOURNAL, YOU MOTHERFUCKING STALKERS.

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...wait, I think I'm doin' it wrong...

Whoa... Am I allowed to ask what happened? :/

Well both shuufish and I were founders and we made it quite clear that our characters had graduated from the acadamy at a certain point, gave head modship to the mods with the explicit instructions that they were not to give those characters out on account of them graduating and or going on to other things.. characters that in the scheme of things wouldn't of affected things that much. The ones that we had given modship to were like "Oh okay, anything for you, thanks for letting us be mods ♥ ♥ ♥", and then six months later, they had deleted all of our retired characters and offered them up for grabs again.

So what did I do.. I deleted the RP community. They eventually went on to make their own community, good for them. However someone posted up in shuufish's journal, going "lol squenix"

Not only did you explicitly ask that the characters not be put up for grabs, but you also had an in-character reason why they couldn't be put up for grabs again.

I honestly don't see what was so unreasonable about that request.

There wasn't anything unreasonable about it and I thought that was a pretty fair give and take for giving them head modship, once they reneged, I reneged as well. What's fair was fair I think.

What the hell? You okay?

Yes, idiot people are idiot people. >.> I mean I'm over it, but when people stalk our journal years after the fact, that's just the epitome of lameness.

Geez, some people have no lives. Wtf.

Yes. I mean both shuufish and I retired from online forum RPing because yes, we understood that we just couldn't do the whole online RPing forum thing again.. and yes our actions could be considered extremist.. but seriously, at least we learned from our mistakes.. unlike some people who still have to post wanky shit to make themselves feel better.

Some kinds of people just never learn, and have to throw shit on others.
I'm sorry you two have to be in the other end of that.

... Was there dorama? I was a lame-ass who got inactive before it hit, I guess!

:3 I think you're still on my flist from way back then, though. Weird.

It's okay, I mean you were an awesome player, and you know the players who didn't treat RPing as the end-all to their internet existance and I still remained friends, it was just those people who took RPing OH-SO-SERIOUSLY that ended up getting angry at me.

Woah, who's been jabbing you? *_*

I don't know and it wasn't me per se as shuufish. (which I just don't like.. if they want to pull their punches, come to me.. I have thick skin). Honestly I don't know who it was but it was evidentally an anonymous journal because they didn't want to come there and say things to the face.

Gods, it makes me glad I'm done with online forum RPing. Their are some really awesome players, but then there are alot of people who'll just start wank over fictional characters, and man.. that's just not cool.

Yeah. :/ That's really not cool. I still RP online a little bit, but not that much, because I always become too involved, and it always hurts.

Yes I know.. I guess I think you should be sparing with how much of that you give out to others, because you just end up getting attached to the characters, and then well people can get wanky and stuff just happens that you can't control. It's sad that it happens, but unfortunately it does. I'm not upset, just frustrated that people could still be THINKING of that even after all this time.

You'd be surprised to see what people still think about if something goes unresolved. This, for example. Sometimes people want to hold onto their anger. Sometimes it makes them feel like it's part of who they are. In my case, I find it necessary, but I doubt that anyone in squenix_uni was that viscerally attached to their characters.

I'm not sure what these people have set out to do, but they've definitely succeeded at upsetting both of you by harassing Mish.

You know, I think I've been there llike you.. not in the sense of course that you hurt, but I think that I've endured something like that to a lesser extent.. I mean I guess all I can say is that I admire you alot.. for having the courage to post that, and really I'm glad you are happy now. THat's the most important thing, I think.

Yeah, I am quite happy, actually. Sorry if I sprung that on you at an inopportune time. It sucks to have something you love suddenly come around and bite you in the ass.

I hope things settle down over that squenix_uni thing. The more you froth, the more they'll know they've made a dent, and for some reason, when I think of you, I don't think of you being dented.

Fans will become outraged for a lot of reasons.

... Dudette, that sucks. =/ *pets*

I'm sorry. People are morons.

(This is why I only RP with my best friend, really...I can't handle the drama.)

A-fucking-greed. It's worth it. I mean i like to socialize wtih people but RPing has become something private for me, I had to keep it private to keep it fun.

Losers. Try not to let it get to you, you're better than them and you know it.

Oh I know, I just got angry because they were posting shit on Mish's journal which really makes me angru. Perhaps that's just because I love her and want to beat anyone who even says one mocking thing on her journal.

I'd ask why post on her journal and not yours, but I can guess why and they suck. >(

Yes that they do.. indeed indeed.

Wow. That's um, slightly hilarious.

(How are you, anyway?)

(Deleted comment)
Hoy.. Sounds like a load of fun :/.
Can't believe their attention spans could go that long.
Wait... is THAT how you ended up on my FList? :D
That n if anyones doing IM chat RPs please IM me randomly. I miss it so.
( Thou the name of that Comm makes me giggle. xD *Nerd* )

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