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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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:The New Job:
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
(Crossposted from My IJ)

Well my first day of my new job came and went. Here are some random notices (I'm not mentioning where I work for obvious reasons *damn blogging*)

I have to say that everything that has happened today has been positive. I woke up ass-early and yet I came in with a slightly nervous yet quite happy attitude and well I actually had managers that 'cared' about me, it was definitely something that I've not seen since my Days at Pizza Etc, Penny cared only when it suited her needs to care about me or in front of people where she wanted to look good, but today I got several compliment on organizing the lingerie.. and the department manager had nothing but good to say, didn't look at me like I was stupid when I asked a question, and was generally kind and helpful.

I spent two hours processing stock, taking it out of it's boxes, hanging it up and making sure it looked pretty, then I went to the section that I had enumerated, there was a store meeting which really wasn't too bad at all. The people were nice and the day just whizzed by because I always had something to do but I in no way felt stressed or rushed. It was busy without being hectic.

Oh yes and I finally figured out my combination lock and while I can't undo it with record speed, I can get it opened on one try. (practice practice practice)

I've not had a workday like this since November of 2006.

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Very nice! There's nothing like having positive feedback on your job by those that care. ::hugs::

Congrats on figuring out your combo lock. ::chuckles::

Glad you are enjoying your experience at your new job. XD

You got to sort lingerie?! JEALOUS!!!

I think I might go to a store in town and randomly sort lingerie until they kick me out now.

Yes I did.. I got to feel all the pretty bras.. and oh there were many. I KNEW YOU WOULD BE JEALOUS! *snickers*

*claps* Hope it stays that way for ya! ^___^ Great icon by the way!

I'm glad you had such a nice work day~~~

Mmmm, bras. (ahem)

Glad you had a wonderful first day~

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