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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Censoring, LJ and YOU

Clicking on the link will make you go "WHAT THE FUCK LJ". So if you want to continue on being fairly oblivious, then don't click the link.

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Yeeeaaah. After I heard about this, I finally took the step to reserve a name over at InsaneJournal. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm actually going to move. :\

Yeah, well most people don't move because it's comfortable to them over here.. but I'm hoping that Insane Journal will get a strong fandom presence.

I'm just hoping they will build up enough of a userbase period to justify the move. So far, they seem more stable than JournalFen, which is promising.

It's pretty lame. I just quit giving them money, but I've got too many ties here to leave altogether. =\

That's...bizarre. I can't say I really want to move to another journal site. I have been on this one forever. But I did go ahead and reserve a name over on InsaneJournal in case this place does in fact go to the deep levels of hell.

Also, all of my close friends have Livejournals, so it would be really hard.

Hmmm, strangely, this doesn't surprise me. But it's sad and terrifying that a company would begin to act this way and trying to hide it although, by now I've gotten used to that too.

Well, you know I'm on IJ now, so if worse ever comes to worse, I can just move.

I think that alot of people have.. I guess it just amuses me now because while I crosspost some things, I'm more active over there... and it's because of the whole strike through, after strikethrough, I just couldn't stand the thought of them getting away with shit like that. Well LJ has proven more then once that they can do stuff that is exceedingly wanky.

LJ has been becoming distasteful to me for a while now, this is just the latest thing. To be honest, the reason I'm still here is that the fandoms I'm interested in hardly even have a presence on IJ, and it doesn't look like they will anytime soon, which is sort of sad. If it wasn't for the fandom interaction I get from LJ, I'd just be on my Wordpress blog.

But I like my bubble of oblivion! *hides away* :D

For as much as LJ has been pissing me off over the past few years, I don't see myself going anywhere else because all my friends are here and I have enough trouble keeping up with one journal, let alone multiple ones. =/

Bisexuality? Fanfiction? What the hell?


::just... blinks:: Oh my!

I'm not surprised that they're excluding a couple of interests. What surprised me was they didn't flat-out remove the words 'lesbian' and 'gay' as well. Now that I think about it, it's a sneaky move if they're trying to discriminate homosexuals: it isn't blatant. Oh the sneaky bastards.'

Maybe it was a good thing that I got lj archive a few days ago. x_x Now to figure out how to move the data to IJ.

...Big wtf for lj, yeah. D: Idk, if EVERYONE moved to ij, I would, but mostly it's an 'awntklgw3ntlgkwe' at either staying on 2 sites at the same time or choosing IJ over LJ and leaving so many people behind.

I'm honestly not surprised.

WTF indeed! It's so stupid I couldn't stop laughing for like three minutes straight. Faeries? OMG! We must censor the naughty fairies. Ha ha ha! This shit is ridiculous! I guess it was meant in the same sense yaoi was censored in but seriously the censoring is just getting stupid. Thanks for the post and the laugh at the very least.

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