Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

:crossposted to IJ as well:

Just to let everyone know, Aishiteru Baby is like a bucket of cute. I mean it's always been on my list of anime to watch since polyurethane watched it but I've never gotten around to it, AND OH THE SECOND EPISODE IS DONE AND I THINK YUZU IS LIKE THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER.. ever ever ever. (And Kippei, he's a dork.. an absolute dork).

Sometimes I fan over things that make me happy, but I think that's not such a bad thing.

Also on the Antique Bakery front, they are KEEPING ONO GAY. (unlike the J-drama which wanted to wipe every vestige of homosexuality from him) For the win, Please July get here soon so I can watch it!
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