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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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:The heart of rock and roll is in Cleveland.. and from what I've seen I believe them:
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I am back from Cleveland, Ohio.. and you know that snow storm that Cleveland got blasted? YUP I WAS IN THE THICK OF IT. Insane ammount of fun, seriously. I got a whole lot of nothing done but it was nice, and I made it back not breaking the bank (thanks to alot of people who I PROMISE I am going to pay back in some way shape or form. I'm now just at the amount of money that I'm going to need for my car insurance. (I was scared constantly for a moment, because I didn't want to overspend and not have that amount in the bank.

Now comes the work time, where I wait for Wal-mart to call me back and give me a time for orientation, and then after that I need to start staying up as late as possible so that I can get myself accustomed to my NEW WORKSCHEDULE (tm).

We also read outloud more Good Omens (I've read it once but myself but now shuufish have been reading it aloud for Todd. And OH HOW I LOVE AZRIPHALE and CROWLEY. (together -and- apart). There are certain passages that verily clinch it for me. Books about Angels, Demons and the End of the World (prachett and gaimen style) are for the win.

So anyways, HELLO EVERYONE! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :D

What's your new work schedule going to be?

It's going to be nights.. basically from 10:30 pm to 7:30 am.

I did that during the summer at Zellers.

10:00PM to 6:00AM.

My body couldn't handle it though so I switched to day-shift.

I hope your body can handle it better than mine could. ♥

Oh I did it fairly well.. I mean once I get myself on a schedule, I can do it!

Yosh! ♥

I was on schedule with it, it was just that my body couldn't handle being awake and moving during those hours. It was horrible.

I was on a schedule much like that in the military, and it's no problem because essentially I am a night owl.

I'm okay with being awake during those hours, it was just all the heavy lifting and stuff that got to me, I guess.

Much Aziraphale and Crowley love here, too. <3 I have to find that Flaming Bentley icon. I've never tried reading it out loud before...

It is hilarious when read aloud, I can promise. Really you just pick up new things and it is also awesome doing the voices, the brouge of Shadswell, the slight lilt of Azriphale.

Flaming Bently, that is one of my FAVORITE SCENES INVOLVING CROWLEY.

I love Good Omens and Death and HIS CAPS LOCKS TALK.

Even though a night owl too, I've read that extended night shifts still mess with your body... even if you're used to it. Apparently, third shift workers are more prone to be sleep deprived whether they feel it or not. But then again...

I have a day schedule and am sleep deprived already. :(

Oh, Good Omens. I love the book to bits.

I live about 45 minutes south of Cleveland, and we got that snowstorm here too. It sure was fun having to dig my way out of the house D:

Yes, we went out to get food and we got stuck in SEVERAL snow banks. Fun to be had for all. But luckily the next day was nice and sunny and when we hoped on the Ohio turnpike, it was a very pleasant rest of the way back.

You have had always been fascinated about supernatural end of the world. That is truly a win XD

OooOoo Ohio. XD I don't envy you the snow/cold of things there, but.. T___T OHIO!

I really should go pay attention to your other journal.. and hell, DChan's other journal too. Everyone flocked away from LJ again. Le Gazp!

Good Omens, hmm? I've never heard of that. =O Not surprising that I haven't, but still! I might have to look it up around here, or something to that effect. And.. o.O Wait, I've missed something.. I thought you were working somewhere else... maybe I've been mistaken..? That happens a lot. T_T But .. Nightshift = Decent, though toiling in the long run when it comes to WalMart. I'm actually thinking about trying the WalMart near our new place here in TN, since I'm on the job hunt. Good luck with adjusting to a new work schedule though! =D!!

(Oh, did I tell you I moved to TN about three weeks ago? =D! Me and Fox live together again! Yayz and things. My sis lives with us for now, until she gets her Work Visa for Canada. =D so.. weee and things~ )

My weekend was decent enough. =3 I hope your upcoming weekend is full of rainbows and kittens! Or whatever else is equally as cute and shiny. XD


Nothing could be the hell that was Penny's Kitchen honestly. I am no stranger to hard work, though having an employer who isn't paranoid or blatently unfair becasue they don't -like- you will be rather nice.

You need a IJ, Teri. *pokepoke*

XD All of the people I know that have flocked to IJ tell me this. Perhaps I shall make one... because if I have one already, I don't remember the name of it anyway. >.> I'd probably never log in though, which would suck much assholes and many such things as all of that.

But yes. D= @ employers that are wonky like that! I can safely say I see what you mean by wanting to get away from that kind of a setting. Good luck with the WalMart thing. =O

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