Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

:The heart of rock and roll is in Cleveland.. and from what I've seen I believe them:

I am back from Cleveland, Ohio.. and you know that snow storm that Cleveland got blasted? YUP I WAS IN THE THICK OF IT. Insane ammount of fun, seriously. I got a whole lot of nothing done but it was nice, and I made it back not breaking the bank (thanks to alot of people who I PROMISE I am going to pay back in some way shape or form. I'm now just at the amount of money that I'm going to need for my car insurance. (I was scared constantly for a moment, because I didn't want to overspend and not have that amount in the bank.

Now comes the work time, where I wait for Wal-mart to call me back and give me a time for orientation, and then after that I need to start staying up as late as possible so that I can get myself accustomed to my NEW WORKSCHEDULE (tm).

We also read outloud more Good Omens (I've read it once but myself but now shuufish have been reading it aloud for Todd. And OH HOW I LOVE AZRIPHALE and CROWLEY. (together -and- apart). There are certain passages that verily clinch it for me. Books about Angels, Demons and the End of the World (prachett and gaimen style) are for the win.

So anyways, HELLO EVERYONE! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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