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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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~Heath Ledger has gone to that big Silver Screen in the Sky~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
It's funny but I've not felt so much shock over another person's death as I did Heath Ledger. It is just because well damn he's not that old at all. I was logging into my yahoo mail and saw the words heath ledger and dead, which I usually do just a cursory glance at the news while I'm waiting for my mail to load.

Then it was almost like *BACKSPACE* WHAAAAA?

It was one of those shocking backtakes. You just don't expect it. But well yes, that's the news for the day. Hard to believe, eh?

I'm shocked and he's not even my favorite actor

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I admit, I boggled at it.
He's not my favourite actor, but he's a high ranking one for sure. I'm still a bit upset about it... How very lame that this happened.

It's weird, I was just watching a trailer the other day for that new "The Dark Knight" movie due out this summer with him playing The Joker.. >.>

Meh. Lame. ;-;

It's definitely a shame, that's for sure. -_-


I'm totally joking, but that's kind of a kick in the teeth either way. He made a really scary-looking Joker!! I'm not kidding, the trailer for it actually scared me...and it was awesome.

To me, this feels like a repeat of Richard Harris dying. I'd say it's also like Steve Irwin, but...Steve Irwin seriously hit me harder than Harris and Ledger, though this is still upsetting.

EDIT: Remembering Harris...let's just hope that Ledger isn't replaced the same way as Harris.

Edited at 2008-01-23 03:24 am (UTC)

I know.. you know that Harris would of made a fabulous Dumbledore, this one is just lackluster. -_-

Totally. xD This one isn't as..."graceful" I guess as Harris was, man. IMO, Harris was one of the best people you could EVER find to play Dumbledore.

Dude, Harris was AMAZING. Fucking AMAZING. I loved him to bits and I cried so hard when I found out he died.

HE WAS. Oh, so very amazing! XD; I didn't cry, though I did bash my head into the wall when I saw the fellow he was replaced with. IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME!

I cried when he died, and his replacement made me, like, so angry. SO ANGRY.

I reacted with about the same amount of doubletake when I saw it. I think it's very sad. He really wasn't very old at all, and if he had troubles you certainly didn't hear about them very often...it's completely unexpected. (Also scary because I just watched 10 Things I Hate About You on Sunday. He was fun to watch in it..)

I don't think I've seen anyone that isn't shocked by it. I know I am. He's the last person I would've expected to die soon. :/

My boss told me at work since her husband texted her. I thought she was joking until I checked my phone and had a text from one of my friends with the same news. D:

I just heard about this. I hope it wasn't suicide, but I hope it wasn't murder either. It's so terrible, he was a great actor. May be be at peace now though.
but I was surprised that he had a daughter...*been out of the hollywood media and what not*
right now I'm consoling my sister somewhat since she's getting all crazy about Heath ledger's death...Gotta admit, Its very surprising to hear about young stars dying so young...the last young star that I heard dying young was Ailiyah....*sigh*
I guess that means that the 2nd Batman movie not showing...That would suck....

The first time I heard about this was when I checked my f-list this morning. I told my mom, who was also shocked. Sorted through a few articles on google to see what had happened, and the details are pretty surprising.

I feel sorry for him and his kid.

I'm in the minority then, because I didn't feel anything other than disappointment that a good actor had died so young. I guess I'm too much of a pessimist... it being Hollywood I'm more shocked by a long life well lived. He's not one of those stars that are known for public scandals... dealing with any problems quietly, so I hope it was an accident. I really do.


I blame the Church of Scientology. Clearly, it is the work of Lord Xenu.


Always awkward being found ass up after you've been a gay male story. Gosh.

It is very sad...he was only 28, which is younger than myself o.O

Yami told me about it on the phone last night, and my one reaction to her repeating it was "...What?"

It's like.. I dunno. I'm really distressed over it. I actually knew who he was. x:

Yeah, I was shocked too, because of his age, and the suddenness, since I was just talking about the new Batman movie last month with a friend, and specifically his role as the Joker in it. Not my favourite of actors, but he had all the potential. They're saying now he had things scheduled for the day, and yeah, as someone mentioned above, he's a new father too, so it's a pity that he went off so young, and so suddenly.

You know, he's going to get that River Phoenix status now.

It's so sudden, is the thing. I think death is always more upsetting to outsiders when it's someone young, who looked like they had so much more time ahead of them. That, and a parent with a young child dying...*sighs*

My thoughts are going out to his family. It's got to be a rough time for them.

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