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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So the baker (the new one) and I discovered that we both like fairly new age music I.E Loreena McKennitt, October Project and such. Kat was kind enough to lend me the -new- Loreena McKennit CD, (I think it came out around June or July.. but every time I listen to one of her albums, I just feel shivers go down my spine, her new CD is exceptionally good, giving me pleasant shivers up and down my spine. I do have a favorite album of hers.. Mask and the Mirror and yet I hold a fondness for The Visit and the Book of Secrets. I also have favorite songs from each of her albums... for example sometimes I think that the Old Ways pull to my very soul, so does Makkresh Night Market and Dante's Prayer.

You know, I heard my first Lorenna McKennit song such a long time ago, and yet when I hear the songs, it seems almost like yesterday.

I'm so glad that Kat let me borrow and rip this CD. It's such beautiful music. (and we all know what a music whore I am)

Work is a special level of hell and that's all I'll say on that subject.

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You like Loreena McKennitt too? xD I've been dying to get my hands on some of her albums, yet the interbutts has not been so kind.

Can I ask for an upload? Please? :(

You know I think I can do that.. let me zip the album up and upload it.. I can also zip up my favorites of songs from her other songs and pass them to you

I would love that such much! <3

I just love Loreena McKennit, always relaxes me.

I think my favorite CD is the Mask and the Mirror too, great vocals and great music overall.

Yes the Mask and the Mirror had such an eastern flare which I liked, but I also liked the celtic feeling of the Visit, I would love to get ahold of some of her songs from her early early early CDs.

Me too. Her last cd was good and the Book of Secrets (the first one I listened too) was really good.

The visit reminds me when I was totally in love with celtic music, literature and myth, good times.

Her Christmas CD (technically not Christmas, but seasonal) is gorgeous, I am happy I got it and it is superb.

o_O I like Jann Arden!

Though oh gossshhhh, I haven't heard Loreena McKennitt in so long. I have a bunch of Enya works, but no Loreena McKennitt. I'll have to fix that lolz

!! oh WOW~ :O Thank you!!! ♥ I..wow! Lots of luv~~ ♥

No problem! I had it uploaded and it was an easy thing to just share!

Loreena McKennitt is fantastic. I have all of her stuff, except for the new CD, if you'd like me to upload some of it for you. Makes me happy to see other fans of her.

You know , I've heard most of her stuff.. I just bought the CDs that I really liked.. and well I'm uploading her new CD so if you want to nab it when I post it up, then feel free!

Oh, okay. I'll definitely grab it and thanks!

Would this CD that you uploaded happen to have Dante's Prayer on it? I haven't heard that song in AGES but I remember loving it so. ;.;

I am sorry work is a special type of hell.

(And Loreena McKennitt has a lovely voice. I only have one song by her but I adore it~)

Mmmm...Dante's Prayer made me cry the first time I heard it. :)

I love Lorenna McKennit...her music is amazing.

Sorry work = hell...does Nia need rescued from the fiery pits?

My brother has some of her cds and brought one with him over the holidays. He played me Marrakesh Night Market and I totally totally loved it! I couldn't believe that I haven't heard of her before! He's coming again next weekend and promised to bring his whole collection :DDD

I'm defenitely going to be looking out for her new cd!!

Good luck with work*...better put on some music!

When you finally leave that job, will you be getting another right away? Seems like that would be a great time to come visit. YAY VISITS! You can teach Hel and I how to make curry. :D--

I'm sure the cats would like to see you again, too.

Did I tell you that Dimitri might be moving in, too? He's looking into getting a contracting job on base, and would need a place to live while he saves up for his own.

And Pedro joined the Air Force. He leaves for basic training in March.

I haven't listened to Loreena McKennitt in years, but I love her!

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