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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Yesterday we realized that GJ was on it's last legs and so with much ceremony we decided to move our fic journals and muse community over to IJ. So now I'm trying to take inventory of the muse list and trying to figure out which icons to use (the ones that were truly stellar) and the icons that I'm going to have to remake. Sometimes it's a conundrum. Some I'm going to yank from here. (like the Rude icon. Yes, that's very much the win.. and the Tifa icon that I made to match shuufish's Aerith icon). Ah and then the banners. I have so much work to do. *thuds*

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ugh, moving fic/muse journals. Good luck with that one you guys. T_T

I still wonder what in the flying hell happened to GJ. Was it from the influx of users after the LJ debacle, you think? I hardly kept up with the news, and GJ did everything so fucking spontaneously anyway I'm not sure it even hit into a news!journal.

Blegh.. *pets*

So GreatestJournal is gone? o_O Was it because of the mass exodus from LJ? I kind of preferred GJ to IJ on account of...well, IJ's name and layout rather irked me...but if you say it's closing, then...

It's on it's last legs, in fact everything has been really spotty and just awkward. Everything is going as slow as molasses and their database died once last week and it's set to go again. If you have anything important over at GJ, then by all means save it.

Omg I know how hard it is x___X Because I'm moving my Musebox over as well, and it can get annoying. I hope you finish it all though ♥♥~

It's things like this that make me happy that I decided to stay here. Even with all of LJ's retardedness, it's better than worrying if I can't access my entries.
Hope things turn out better at IJ

Oh just my musebox is going over there.. really nothing else. >.>

So begins the layout saving...GJ is in very sorry shape now, poor site.

That's too bad. And after hearing some good things about it I thought it'd become a refuge for ex-Livejournalers. Sounds like they were not ready for rapid growth.

Aside from the speed and database issues, is anything else wrong.. policy or management issues (besides the sudden decrease of icons)? *edited* I found some gossip in this journal. And they dropped icon limits again from 10 to 5? Geez. *frown*

I don't know whether I should be rooting for GJ to recover or fall on its face for allowing such trouble for so long... a week of database issues in net terms is a significant time in my opinion.

Ugh, my sister has been whinging at me about the whole GJ thing. I'm glad I don't have anything particularly important on that site (it lost most of my icons long ago), just a few journal entries and roleplay that isn't worth saving!

You can never trust in these journals, seriously.

But if the muse asks for that...

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