Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~And finally, first individual personal use icon of 2008~

And Hark, an icon that I'm proud of!

Ah, Ashura.. how I love thee.. the fact that you are the Lord of Destruction wrapped into a bundle of cute makes me love you ALL the more. But yes, this icon is full of colour, light, little droplets of shimmer WITHOUT using any focus on the background image.. and here I was sort of filtering through icon tutorials and looking all of these washed out Clamp Icons. Damn it, give me colour or give me de~... errh.. better not say that, might jinx myself I am dealing with the god of destruction after all

Why do I muse all the shota-boys that would be most likely to decimate Tokyo with a single glance? I would not like to think that this is a running theme with me, but on second thought.. you know.. it probably is.
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