Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

You know, I love claim communities for fic writing, however I've tried them and I RARELY find myself motivated to follow through on fics or even meet deadlines. I'm very much a person who will only write when the muse strikes (usually quite painfully). Ah but well I digress. I admire people who can throw themselves into writing like that and just be given a prompt and then they just throw the fic out there. (My twin star is like that.. she could probably very easy write on cue)

Also got my new.. *ahem* toy. Damn it works quite well. I think I may be glad that the old one bit it. It's sort of curved at the end as it's specifically designed to just hook at your g-spot... and last night was a really really really -good- night to try it out. So I am pleased, very pleased. And the thoughts that accompanied it were quite amusing and probably a good deal of hot.
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