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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So everyone is home safely now and this is our first day home where it's just been a predominate geeking out. To all those new people on my flist, shuufish is like my twin star, my partner in crime, my dearest RP buddy and well she was sorely missed (Yes, I do live in the same household as my partner in crime.. which makes those grcoery shopping fan discussions fun, like why we both don't like Dante from DMC. We have alot of these discussions outside of the computer.

Everything is going good. Looking casually for a new Bouton at therosemansion. Though it's one of those situations where I KNOW I am going to be selective. (anyone who likes Maria-sama ga Miteru is welcome to come join and look for a Bouton or an Oneesama of their own, but knowledge of the system isn't needed since it's just like a deal where you adopt a little sister or come under the wing of a big sister... random pimping)

I need to think of something fun to do on LJ.. because I have a tendancy to just stagnate. I made a vow this year (a new years resolution maybe) that I wouldn't. Of course maybe more icons would help.. y/n? I am thinking that I -may- need a Gellert icon. (and maybe I can write for him a little bit once I get my brain out of Original!Sylvia... where Corrie has -yet- to finish her fic)

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I think I'm ready to search for a new one as well~ I'll try looking at RM as well. ^^

What happened to your rose family? *blinks*

Rissa and I decided to part ways~ We're still good. But parting ways is all for the best~ ^___^

You should join thedailysnap. That's a daily fun thing on LJ. Ummm. Or, you could just have more meme-type things for your friends to participate in. That's been making my journal a happy place lately. :)

*Waves a finger absently in your direction!* I'll be right behind you pushing with a phallic lil popsicle should you start to derail from your resolution. XD What are friends for?

I contemplated Rose Mansion, honestly. But.. I don't know.. I sometimes don't feel up to snuff for places like that. Like I'll let someone down. *s* Though I still think that it's a wonderful thing.. (and ♥ for MariMite!) I'm still sorry that some of the Rose families I saw there crumbled apart or went separate ways for whatever reasons. I do hope you find your Bouton though, and wish you luck in that.

And ^-^! for Mish and them arriving safely back from their trip! Traffic during holiday times is just.. nutzo. =O

And Icons! Icons always help. =D

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