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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So I got done watching Cycle one of America's Next Top Model and I have to say that I'm impressed. I mean I had originally passed up this because I was like "how hard is it to stand there and look good and have people photograph you" and then I realize that it's damn near IMPOSSIBLE. And it's alot of hard work, because you are constantly doing things that can not be considered comfortable. You have strange things (i.e snakes) roaming on you in some shoots, running outside in a bikini in thirty degree weather, and then there is the walking in heels like two sizes too small.

It was really very fascinating. I liked the first cycle because both of my favorites made it to the top three (and I probably was like the ONLY one who was totally shipping Elyse and Adrienne. Come on, when Adrienne picked up Elyse, carried her to their shared bed (because Elyse won at a competition and got to share a presidental suite with her closest friend in the house) and then they took their tops off in bed, just cast them off because they were being dorks and then Adrienne says "Good night slut-ho", I don't know.. it was just so adorable. (there is something wrong wtih me, when I say that I think that being called 'slut ho' is the epitome of romance. I'll do the first girl that calls me slut-ho!

Okay so that's what I'm doing.. wow I'm so lame. *teehee*

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Ahaha, and the part where Adrienne stuffs Elyse's bra with everything but the kitchen sink to make her boobs look bigger. That's friendship right there.

Yeah, I've still been watching ANTM on and off all week. But really, there's nothing else on TV! XD

Yes I know. Those two had an amazing friendship and when they were seperated, I was like "Aww.." and the wya that they held on to each other at the down to two one.. that was just so adorable. I love them so much.



Oh, wait.. what? XD

I watched some of ANTM, but I haven't seen anything since Jasline (is that how you spell that bitch's name?) won. Frankly, that was the only one I really got to watch, which kind of makes me sad. Though I admit to still getting pretty angry about that show for some reason.. but who knows..

And nah.. you're not lame. *patpat* It's a decent show, because it does give more of an insight as to what goes on behind the scenes of modeling (not that all the stuff in this is stereotypical, but yanno.. all of the personal hardships of being a model in high-fashion and whatnot... yah..)

Anyway... Ha! *thuds and slinks off to play Guild Wars*

I haven't watched the show, but I'm curious - why would models have to wear shoes that are too small? Wouldn't that make their feet look fat and awful?

I think being called a slut-ho is romantic. ♥ Then again, I'm craving some lesbian action, haha.

Oh but sometimes that is the only size that is available.. especially with a limited ammount of models in a show.

... You'd think the people in charge would know what size to get. Bahhh that makes no sense. XD;

Still, I should start watching that show. I hear it's good.

I LOVE AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. I've seen them all. Like... 509385 times. I love seeing the resulting photos from the shoots.

Oh I know, some of them are really hot. Just the transformation, I think though I like the shots that need retouching and then you see the before and after shot.

Well, all things considering, you could be watching less stellar reality shows. *ahem* And I would imagine it would be quite hard to be a model...first things first, you have to be born a certain height! (At least, that's what I'm assuming--that they would have a height requirement.) You can't even get your foot in the door if you're not tall enough...and then you have to be pretty enough, etc., etc. Being a writer seems like nothing compared to all that x.X

I love watching ANTM. (I tell myself it's just for the photoshoots, though XD) I remember one season they had a "fat" girl on the show - I think she was.. size 8 or something? :/ Which is large by model standards, but not enough cushion for the pushin' for me - and she would go to these challenges and none of the clothes would fit her. Because when the designers make their sample clothes, they're from sizes 0 to 4 or something. I felt so bad for her! ;-;

and lol @ slut-ho being "romantic" XD;;

I LOVE watching America's Next Top Model :3 Competition reality tv is always so amusing, and it does seem hard for these girls. Because the judges are like never satisfied. :/ Plus you learn a lot of interesting stuff too~

Though I think the whole super-thin thing with modelling is all kinds of wrong, I really enjoy ANTM ^^ It's eye-opening and inspiring too (not to mention amusing in places!) Haven't watched any for ages because it always clashes with Dad's TV programs!

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