Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So I got done watching Cycle one of America's Next Top Model and I have to say that I'm impressed. I mean I had originally passed up this because I was like "how hard is it to stand there and look good and have people photograph you" and then I realize that it's damn near IMPOSSIBLE. And it's alot of hard work, because you are constantly doing things that can not be considered comfortable. You have strange things (i.e snakes) roaming on you in some shoots, running outside in a bikini in thirty degree weather, and then there is the walking in heels like two sizes too small.

It was really very fascinating. I liked the first cycle because both of my favorites made it to the top three (and I probably was like the ONLY one who was totally shipping Elyse and Adrienne. Come on, when Adrienne picked up Elyse, carried her to their shared bed (because Elyse won at a competition and got to share a presidental suite with her closest friend in the house) and then they took their tops off in bed, just cast them off because they were being dorks and then Adrienne says "Good night slut-ho", I don't know.. it was just so adorable. (there is something wrong wtih me, when I say that I think that being called 'slut ho' is the epitome of romance. I'll do the first girl that calls me slut-ho!

Okay so that's what I'm doing.. wow I'm so lame. *teehee*
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