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~Is that your first impression~

Seven things you fear:
1.) Rejection
2.) Losing my creativity
3.) Watching those around me die
4.) Death (The way, not the concept)
5.) Childbirth
6.) Ghosts
7.) The dark

Seven things that make you laugh:
1.) Kittens
2.) 8-Bit Theater
3.) Megatokyo
4.) Dimitri's idiocy
5.) In & Out
6.) Stupid people in general
7.) Tickles

Seven people that make you laugh:
1.) Alexi
2.) Robbie
3.) Dimitri
4.) Eric
5.) Jaesyn
6.) Soraya cuz she is so dumb
7.) Sgt Ed

Seven things you love:
1.) Cute things
2.) White hair anime bishounen/bishoujo
3.) Rainbows
4.) 80s cartoons
5.) Chrono Trigger,
6.) Candles
7.) Travel

Seven people you love (excluding parents/family and yourself):
1.) Alexi (He is family BUT DAMMIT HE IS MY HUSBAND)
2.) Viv
3.) Jesse
4.) Dimitri
5.) Mari
6.) Lynn
7.) Angue

Seven things you hate:
1.) Intolerance
2.) Cliques
3.) Eggs with ketchup
4.) Stuff that I can't control
5.) Stuck up people
6.) Being tickled
7.) Shiori from Utena

Seven things you don't understand:
1.) Lain
2.) The problem with the NCOs in the office
3.) Men
4.) The Teenybopper culture
5.) Wars over Religion
6.) Reality TV
7.) Myself

Seven things on your desk:
1.) Computer
2.) Book of Shadows
3.) CD-R CDs
4.) "The Witch's Magical Handbook" by Gavin and Yvonne Frost
5.) Dream Journal
6.) Keys
7.) Purple nailpolish

Right now you are:
1.) Listening to Hirose Koumi
2.) VERY excited
3.) Wearing spiffy ass PJ pants
4.) Horny (Husband comes in today!)
5.) Thinking about the Harry Potter Movie too
6.) Relaxing!
7.) Downloading music.. or trying to

Seven facts about you:
1.) I am a sucker for sad endings
2.) Egg and Potato Chip Sammiches are my favorite (I also have to mention fried Okra)
3.) I am wiccan
4.) I am also the bunny queen
5.) I was a lesbian until I met my husband
6.) I am a virgo with a Scorpio Ascendant and a Taurus Moon
7.) I have gay imaginary friends named Anton and Adrian

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1.) Go to Neuschwanstien
2.) Finish the Sylvia Chronicles
3.) Go to a Duran Duran Concert
4.) Go to every amusement park on the face of the planet
5.) Make my enemies mutter and grumble
6.) Meet Viv n' Jesse
7.) Make every day of Alexi's life special

Seven things you can do:
1.) Sing
2.) Write
3.) Confuse people
4.) Make Alexi come in under 5 minutes
5.) Cook n' Bake
6.) Clean (oh yes.. No one better tell a Virgo that they can't clean.)
7.) Bust a groove

Seven things you can't do:
1.) Draw
2.) Play Basketball
3.) Make sense
4.) Listen to Boy Bands with my sanity intact
5.) Sew
6.) Finish a project
7.) Reist Alexi or Viv

Seven (famous) people you want to meet:
1.) Rupert Everett
2.) Alan Rickman
3.) Nick Rhodes
4.) John Taylor
5.) Johnny Reznick
6.) Chiho Saito
7.) The Director of Utena.. Ikunihara

Top seven songs people should give a listen:
1.) "Walking on the Milky Way"by OMD
2.) "Tokyo Love Story' By Oda Kazumasa
3.) "Arashi no Naka de kaigeyaita" by Chihiro Yonekura
4.) "Kokoro" by Joanne Hogg
5.) "Hitorijime" from Card Captor Sakura
6.) "Marionette" by BOOWY
7.) "Gravity of Love" by Enigma

Top seven things you say the most:
1.) "Balls"
2.) "You are smoking crack"
3.) "Kupo"
4.) "Whatever"
5.) "You are operating under severe delusions"
6.) "It is operational"


10 bands you've seen live:
1.) Duran Duran
2.) Savage Garden

9 things you wear daily:
1.) Socks
2.) A smile
3.) Clothes
4.) Watch
5.) Wedding Ring
6.) Glasses
7.) Military Uniform
8.) Hair band
9.) Alexi (well at least when he gets here. *squees*)

8 movies you'd watch over and over:
1.) In & Out
2.) The Little Mermaid (Original not the disney crack smoking version)
3.) NottingHill
4.) My Best Friend's Wedding
5,) Utena the Movie
6.) Utena the Series
7.) PSME
8.) Lord of the Rings

7 albums that matter:
1.) The Wedding Album by Duran Duran
2.) "Turn back the clock" by Johnny Hates Jazz
3.) "Music for the Masses" by Depeche Mode
4.) "A little Peace of Mind" by Breathe
5.) "Sting's greatest hits"
6.) "Mah=King" by Masami Okui
7.) When in Rome's Self titled album

6 objects you touch every day:
1.) Alexi's *****
2.) Room Keys
3.) Computer
4.) Soraya's work
5.) Digi Camera
6.) Make up

5 things you do every day:
1.) Work
2.) Make up for Soraya's mistakes
3.) Talk to Alexi
4.) Listen to Music
5.) Eat of course!

4 musicians that you couldn't live without:
1.) Duran Duran
2.) Sting
3.) Johnny Hates Jazz
4.) Breathe

3 of your favorite songs at this moment:
1.) "At the Beginning" from Anastasia
2.) "Hey Leonardo" by Blessed Union of Souls
3.) "Love, falling into pieces" by Youjeen

2 people that have influenced your life the most:
1.) Grandmother
2.) Alexi

1 thing you could spend the rest of your life with
1.) My creativity

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