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Citan Uzuki/Hyuga Ricdeau (Xenogears)

This is one of my first loves and the character that cemented my absolute adoration for Xenogears. Even though this is in no particular order, certainly -he- would lead the 'non-ordered' list, right? I mean he is everything that I just absolutely identify with and he is the character I think that is -most- like me (though there are other characters that I think have time shares in me.). Read more about him here. And as for the second name, Hyuga Ricdeau.. that is his real name... Uzuki being an alias (I always like to think that he took his wife's maiden name.. because Yui is just that awesome). In RPing, I have sort of splt the personalities of Citan and Hyuga, that is to justify my pairings of Citan/Fei and Sigurd/Hyuga. Along the way, they both have become completely different RP characters. I'm a dork, I know.

Jin Uzuki (Xenosaga)

My favorite made-up story involving this guy involves this. A bunch of designers for the Xenosaga games are going through and trying to figure out what sort of character that they can make to lure me to the franchise (as I was convinced that nothing could be better then Citan Uzuki). And they go, "Okay we need an Uzuki.. a male Uzuki. We'll give him long black hair, and a red hair tie, because all Uzuki's have to have a hair tie." and so they do, and then suddenly they realize he needs glasses, they give him glasses, realize that they'll get it for copyright infringement and then take the glasses off. "Oh yes, he has to be voiced by Tanaka Hideyuki, because all Uzuki men need to be voiced by Tanaka Hideyuki." And so it was done. They stuck him in a yukata, gave him a mysterious personality and voila Jin was born. In the next game they took Citan's outfit and gave it to Jin so they must not of been worried about copyright infringement anymore. Needless to say, Jin rocks.. who else can slice a mecha in half with his KATANA and be wonderfully cocky about it.

Ukitake Jyuushirou (Bleach)

Silly in some instances, serious in others, Ukitake is a character that is the wild card for me. And yet now he's such an integral part of my fangirling expirience that well I couldn't part with him. For those of you who are not aware of Bleach, he is a captain stricken with a rare soul disease, so there is a good chance that he is sick at any given moment, and yet that does not deter him from what he does, and he still has that captain dork smile that we all love so much. He's not pretty, but you know.. that's a special part of his charm and he goes together so well with his boyfriend, Shunsui Kyouraku.

Umeda Hokuto (HanaKimi)

Generally unpleasant, chain-smokng and perpetually crabby, that is Umeda. He is fun for that reason. When I first met him in the series HanaKimi, it was love at first sight, I couldn't help but fangirl him. Add into the fact that he is canonically gay and you get a bitterly gay school doctor who is secretly a softie for the girl pretending to be a guy and will help her (even if it's reluctantly). It doesn't help that he has a -hot- boyfriend too (whom I would do in a second)

Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki)

When you first look at this man, you think that.. "Oh how boy next door he looks" You know the type to hold open doors and carry groceries for old ladies. How could he be anything but a perfect gentleman. Well sometimes that just has to come off and well the best thing about the Ikkou is that they are all men, men who can shoot, swear and drink with the best of them... Hakkai does all of those extremes in their lowest form, but you can tell he means business when he goes into Youkai form and he is just calm and exceedingly controlled. Definitely not someone you'd want to be on the opposite end of in the heat of battle.

Seishirou Sakurazukamori (X/1999)

Sarah McLachlan's Building a Mystery was MADE for this man. when you first meet him, he is a mild-mannered veternarian, but then shit happens and he turns into a heartless killer. The head of the assasin clan, the Sakurazukamori, you would think that he has no emotions, and yet underneath that urge to kill is a quirky sense of humor which is manifested when he turns to Fuuma after decimating an entire section of Tokyo and asks of Fuuma wants to go to this lovely little cake shop in another more together part of the city. Our heartless cold-blooded killer Seishirou has quite a sweet tooth. It is -that- which makes me love a character, those little instances of humanity in them.

Oriya Mibu (Yami no Matsuei)

I have a really big weakness for this character, we all have characters that just click with us, and Oriya at the very getgo -clicked- with me. This right here is Muraki Kazutaka's humanity, I mean you know that Oriya knows -who- Muraki is aside from the cold blooded killer, knew him as Kazutaka way back when. Some may think that Oriya was in love with Muraki, others can believe that he is just Muraki's -safehouse- so to speak, but regardless you know that Oriya is not merely the brothel keeper for the KaKouRou.

Ashura-ou (RG Veda *with cameos in Tsubasa)

Ashura-ou is what I would call maligned by the fandom. At least those with familiarity of the Tsubasa part of Clamp without doing their research into the RG Veda side. He is the type of man who is serious and stoic, and who would fight and try to manipulate fate to suit his own ends. (and yet for a completely unselfish purpose.. as in both instances he dies for the ends that he hopes to achieve.) You only see backstory in RG Veda with him, his deal with Taishakuten and his eventual death, but all are just so poignant. He's much more then the King of Celes in Tsubasa, and hence why he fascinates me so much.

Clow Reed (He's just everywhere in the Clamp verse)

There is a charm that Clow Reed possesses, and when I think of Clow, I think "pimp" (and really great magician.. of course). He is charming and polite, but with an agenda all of his own, and that's the endearing part of him. Yuukosome may call him mad, and in a way he is sort of mad, but that is where all of his brilliant (and not so brilliant) ideas come from. There is a fine line between genius and madness and Clow walks that line quite artfully.

Youko (Twelve Kingdoms)

I had to have one woman on this list, and well the one that I just find myself fangirling totally, is Youko. She is a strong, capable woman who also was chosen as the Queen for a country. And she makes a damn fine ruler, she has a strong sense of justice and duty, but she doesn't leave questions unanswered and like a good ruler she gets to the bottom of things herself. When I first met her at the beginning of the anime, I wasn't sure of her.. but she grew on me.. alot. And with each episode, I found myself falling in complete and utter fascination with her.
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