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~Unpopular Fandom Opinions~

You know, I watch Fandom Secrets but I don't really post. Why is that you ask? Because there are very few things that I hate in fandom, but I make then quite known on my own journal without having to resort to hiding behind a little so and so square of text on a graphic. I choose usually to be honest about what I like and dislike, who I like and dislike and ecetera.. it's the best way to go especially on an online venue such as this. I used to mod a game called squenix_uni and honestly, it closed down because both myself and shuufish did it mutually, because the other people that I had appointed co-mods made some decisions that were not the best. Yes in retrospect two wrongs do not make a right, but you know what.. if such feelings were arising from an online game, then it deserved to be closed. A year later, hark! life goes on! I am glad all of them found new games to go into.. and both I and shuufish still dabble in Squenix type stuff to this day.

One of the things I hate.. is Sigurd Harcourt/Bartholomew Fatima from Xenogears. Yes that is an actual pairing. OMG YOU MUST HAVE A THING ABOUT INCEST. No, not really.. there are many incestuous pairs that I ship quite freely. However placing both Sigurd and Bart in a relationship takes something away from the big brother and little brother dynamic that I have them pegged into them. Something seems almost wrong when people ship them, like they are tainting something precious. Someone asks me to read their Sigurd/Bart fic, I won't do it. Sure, I'll do it for a Sigurd/Kahr one (even though I do not like that pairing either.). There are not many pairings that I outrightly hate. I take a 'live and let live' approach generally. People like what they like, but someone even mentions Sigurd/Bart and I feel like vomitting.

Now the next subject I don't hate so much as it's just annoying. Dante from Devil May Cry. I didn't see what the fuss was about 4 years ago, I don't see what the fuss is now. Dante is a white haired guy with an overblown chest and ego. That's what I see. I mean you could pretty much take Sephiroth's face and Dante's and switch them. I can assure you that no one would be able to tell the difference. I can see why people like him, however I quite simply can't muster up the energy it takes to like him.

The Japanese version of HanaKimi. Not an accurate version. End of Story. Japan just needs to get themselves in gear and actually make an -anime-. But I attribute it to the fact that they are super competative with Taiwan and wanted to pwn their version. Guess what, the Taiwanese version was still better and indeed more accurate to the actual manga then the japanese version. All of the fangirls of the japanese drama got into it because of the actors. I can guarentee you that, especially when the name dropping started.

Yaoi fangirls. Now I am not referring to the people on my flist, I take pride in the fact that most of my friend's list are pretty accepting of the other genres of yuri and het. But those fans that think that loving a guy anally equates TRU PURE LUV!♥ ♥ ♥ really really frighten me. Seriously, have they ever -had- buttsecks? Well I have and I can assure you that it's not that mystical mind-blowing fall-in-love expirience that you think it is. Yes, I realize that it's fantasy, and that we are evil people for dragging rl into buttsecks, so yes.. keep to your self lubing asses and we'll try not to scream hypocrite when you post in your livejournals about how you want to see your two best male friend's make out.. what was that you said about dragging reality into buttsecks? Oh but what would I know, I'm clearly not a yaoi fan because I'm smashing your dreamzzzz.

Final Fantasy 7 fangirls. A majority of you scare me.. so I'm going to take my Rude and Tifa dolls and sit in this corner far away from you all and play quietly with shuufish's Reno and Aerith dolls. No, none of you are invited to watch. (unless you like Reno/Rude or Tifa/Aerith.) This also goes for most of the Kingdom Hearts fangirls (though fukai_umi was the greatest and wrote me Kairi/Namine)

I think that fandom should start being fun again. What has made it not so fun is elitists, the pairing wars and the screaming of BNF. Who cares about being a BNF? What's important is that everyone has fun, that people remain approachable, and you don't take yourself so seriously. All of those anonymous fandom hate memes? What's the purpose? It's all about dragging people down into the gutter. All of the energy that you are wasting being elitist and striking people down, you should stop and go "I'm being retarded, I should write some porn to repent". Then we'd have more porn and less asshattery. I have yet to see anyone complain about too much porn. (unless it is rabid het fans who go "omg no more buttsecks" in their little hidey-holes where others of their type gather.. but what I say to them is 'go write some fricking het porn and stop complaining'.)

Have we had enough of my random rantings? I promise I do not rant that often, just the end of the year gets to me and I like to get everything out of my system before I make the fresh start. Hopefully I did not piss off any of you guys.... and if I did, I apologize. But hey, I did put everything underneath a cut text.
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