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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~The time has come my friend to talk of many things~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
First of all I would like to start out by saying that as the new year approaches, I think that it's good to make fresh starts. So with that being said I will bold the following statement.

If anyone wants to delete me from their friend's list.. now is the time to do it. No questions asked, nothing.. just do it and I will defriend you mutually and we will go our own seperate ways happily. I understand that sometimes that connection isn't made or the whatnot.. so anyways. I will bear no hard feelings toward you if you delete me

Sometimes you just want to delete someone but you don't know what to say. I would hope that there would be a few out there that do not want to delete me.. but I want to put out that option, I do this every year, just to put as little pressure on people as possible. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, am I right?


Now I've added alot of new people from the Saiyuki friending meme.. and well hi to all of you. I am going to leave the floor open in case you want to ask me any questions. I would make an introduction post but I'm no good at those.. that being said Just comment with a question.. it can be anything from favorite pairings in a series to what my favorite food is.. or even if I had a million dollars, what would I do with it all.. be creative. This is not just for the new people on my list, the veterns of my flist can ask questions as well.


Added fun, Minami-ke is such a fun anime. Godly Bubblegum bloowing Technique.. ahahaha, there is something silly about that. And Hoshiaki-kun is funny, especially since his clothing keeps coming off at every opportunity. Not as good as Lucky Star, but then not many crack anime series are (unless you are Haruhi.. but then Haruhi HAD a plot)

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Pfft. Nothing to delete here~

Ahahaha yay.. I'm not being deleted by Rey!

Well, you know my response to this already; I'd never defriend you. >.> I'd probably keep you friended even if you defriended me. XD! Simply because your things are such an interesting read sometimes. And of course for the music. And even moreso for the lists of anime that I write down and then still never go watch. LMAO!

Man, I need to recompile a list of anime things from your journal to watch. (I STILL have no seen Lucky Star any further than it's opening. *does the Lucky Star dance* )

The lucky star dance is like the best.. I swear. I want to learn it, and so much yuri to shake a stick at. Lucky Star was my surprise series of 2007.. the series that I didn't think I would like.. UNTIL I started watching it, and then I fangirled it seriously.

Are you kidding me? I'd never defriend you--my F-list is small enough anyway *ahem*

Aww you are sweet. *hugs* That's why I luffle you.

(Deleted comment)
Aww you are so cute! *hugs* Thank you for the encouragement.

What are your life's aspirations?

Hmm well I guess it is to be happy. I mean I guess I could have a bigger aspiration then that, and I work in a job that is pretty challenging yet unrewarding. I guess I just want to be happy, that is I think the best thing that anyone can aspire to in this day and age.

You're too cool to defriend. :D

You seriously make me blush *hugs*

I'd never defriend you! You're one of the few people I know that has played Xenogears and Xenosaga! Our mutual love for a certain Uzuki is enough to make you my friend forever, not to mention all the other series and character loves we have in common. ^^ Plus, you're funny and witty and sweet. I missed you while you weren't posting on LJ; it's good to hear from you again! <3

You just made me have a MAJOR squee for your icon. I mean I saw the green striped outfit and my mind screamed "Uzuki" which surely means that some addictions just never ever die. ♥

I would never want to delete you~~~ *A* ♥ I do feel like I've been a bad friend though, I'm not online as much with my new job ;_; I'm sorry~~!! I shall vow to try better as my new year's resolution, I think XD

AWW well come on I'm no better. I think that's what's called 'real life' *sweatdrops* but seriously wouldn't want to delete you either.. you are a sane Fai/Kurogane fan and that is ALWAYS good.

Good Lord Nia how long have I been on your friends list now? Almost three years?

Yes a very long time! *grins*

I, for one, will be sticking around. :)

Yay thank you! *grins* I'm glad of that.

(Deleted comment)
I'm a parasite? *sparkles*

(Deleted comment)
I wouldn't get rid of you!@ D: In fact, I was watching this one flash M sent me, and there was Jin in it, partially naked, and I was like "man, I totally need to send this crack to Hyu!"

Besides, if I unfriend you, then we can't fangirl about Akiha and Umeda anymore ;_;

And that is so much fun.. fangirling over AkiUme.. you after all are like my favorite writer in the hanaKimi fandom. Though now I have Umeda's mom running through my mind and that's scary.. and all she wants to do is write write write.

Jin naked? WHERE?!?

Well to be perverted.. oil is a better lubricant. Though water based lubes are nothing to scoff at. *heh's* and it doesn't lay waste to condoms.

Yes it's official, my mind instantly goes there.

No way would I unfriend you my dear...I have to thank Alexi for allowing me to "meet" you (even if only in the virtual sense) :)

I know, I figured he is good for some things, and well he mooched off of alot of my friends, so I thought hey that I'd return the favor, and you are definitely an awesome person! I'm only sorry that this halloween we couldn't come down and see you. Hopefully when Alexi makes a longer trip up here, we can swing it!

Naturally I'm not going to defriend you over here, but are you not using GJ anymore? :( I'm still going to be over there full time, even with the dumbass 10 icon limit and the other recent restrictions.

Actually I am more angry with System then anything else. I don't know.. it's like it wasn't the icons, it never was, because I can get more icons over at LJ.. I mean if that had been the case, I would of fled once the limit went to 100.. but the fact that once again an error in communication. I mean I had already figured out a way to circumvent the icon thing anyway, by uploading icons to photobucket and using them to copy and paste to each entry. But system, I don't know.. the back and forth.. going to ten and then going to 100 and then going to ten again.

I guess I am just bitching, and I hope you forgive me, right now this is just going to be my holding ground. I may give GJ another chance if system comes out with an official statement or something but I'm not holding my breath.

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