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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

I broke my vibrator last night so I have to buy a new one. Yes it just died.. I mean in a way that can't be fixed, and all I am saying is "WOW THAT IS SOME ROUGH USAGE". Okay so yes, last night's orgasm was pretty intense and I am STILL feeling it. I don't want to be funny but I'm thinking that "damn, it went out with a bang" I ordered a new one though and it's on the way, what a wonderful new years present to myself.. the gift that keeps on giving. And it's aqua coloured. Ulani so did not pick it out

Well the vibrator that I had, I had for a good many years so it was about time to get a new one.

I would share the imagining that I had when I was putting the final nail in the coffin of my vibrator (ohoho yet another funny.. I am on a roll!), but unfortunately it would blow all of my credibility as a lesbian I think *glares at a certain MUSE who thinks she is SO FUNNY*

*plays taps in memory of the most honorable vibrator*

It was honorable, I've had it for FOUR years, that is a long time as far as vibrator's go.. quick someone go get a flag to drap over it's coffin. *snickers*


I have sooo many sex toys, but they never work for me, so I just stick with electric toothbrushes. XD;

Electric toothbrushes.. now tell me.. how does -that- work for you? *blinks*

o.O You should have a very entertaining New Year's! AQUA?!

Jess is intrigued, mostly because she's never heard of anyone using a vibrator before. Assuming you are not horribly disturbed, what's that like?

Yes there was lavander, pink and aqua.. since I am not a pink or lavander type, I had to get the one closest to green. It is really cute and a curved end to sort of hit the g-spot. It's fun, I mean I like them, and well the more you use one, the better you are able to I guess know what you like. Sort of what gets you off. And hopefully you are not wierded out by me talking like this.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
::has a moment of silence for the passing of a faithful vibrator::

Alas poor *insert vibrator here* (lmao) you knew him well...

*dies from giggles*

Oh you are damn right I knew him well >.> Or maybe better yet he knew ME well.

I can sympathize. My girlfriend and I kill vibrators on a semi-regular basis. I swear, I'm going to buy stock in Priscillas or Good Vibes because I know what's keeping them in business. -_-

Yes, it is the lesbians. *_*

oh god, that's so sad (yet hilarious). :3

I certainly lol'd. I was like "OH GODS I BROKE IT"

I felt a certain sensse of pride.. the vibrator was lucky to have died during sex, you know. *snickers*

Thank you for making my morning so amusing, hahaha.

That's hysterical. (And sad. Poor vibrator, may it rest in...pieces. (Too soon? Yes, too soon. And not even true.) Well, at least you have a shiny new (aqua) one now!

It certainly is a cutie I think. I want to name it, I am tempted to name it Shiloh just to make shuufish blush.

Nah don't worry about talking about your vibrator so much. I dare say I have a female friend who possibly uses hers more than you ever will. It is, after all, how she discovered she likes anal sex. XD

Have fun with your new toy! ;D

Thank you! Oh I will.. when it gets here >.>

Lmao aww! It shall be missed! xDD That's the funniest story of the day! Haha!

At least it was kind enough to wait until the end? My last one died halfway there.. NNNNNN!

Yes, it was probably tired of life and committed suicide in my *cough cough*

haha, I've broken one before. Like. I broke the mechanism that makes it vibrate. In addition to being overly enthusiastic, it was only a $20 one. xD;;

Sometimes cheap vibrators are fun, but there are some uberly expensive vibrators that I saw that I was just like "WOW THAT LOOKS AWESOME!"

*removes hat* poor poor Vibrator...

I STRONGLY recommend the Rabbit- or they have these great ones that plug into USBs now... << ehhe.

*A moment of silence for the vibrator...*
Though I've never used one...I'm instantly reminded of a time when a close friend of mine who's vibrator went !Kaput! on her, but she still used it for a month... still keeping it to this day, she's thinking of bronzing it! XP told her to get over it and buy a new one already!!! but she has trouble letting go of her loves....^_^;

*sporfles* that is hilarious!