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~I bring ficcage of the rare (and yet totally canon) hanakimi sort~

Title: She's Too Much
Fandom: HanaKimi
Pairing: Seira/Azuma Umeda
Song Inspir': "She's Too Much" by Duran Duran
Comment: Okay so I couldn't help it. I love love love LOVE Umeda Hokuto, but there is just something so very.. fun about his parents. I just placed myself in mind of what their courtship would be like, or the beginnings. They after all were named the best couple at the Saint Blossom and Osaka Gakuen Christmas party, and well whenever I think of them, I see that bit of romance there.. the "we are still going at it like bunnies because we are just that much in love". I truly think that it is their love for each other in the HanaKimi verse that makes them appear so youthful. OMG HYU WRITES HET-ISH STUFF. Yes it happens people, especially when a pairing STRIKES me.

"She likes to catch the sun,
Plays it with it like a ball..
And never mind whatever keeps it burning"

Seira Ishikawa was the star of the Saint Blossom girl's school that first year, and with her golden curls and sparkling blue eyes, she had really no choice in the matter. But it wasn't just that, it was that her personality was so very forceful. Indeed it was a common occurance that her friends had to bail her out of some sort of trouble or another. To a girl who was just starting out in school, certainly she had a life about her, as if she wanted to expirience it all, from climbing over the walls of Saint Blossom, it didn't matter that the students were given day passes, she just wanted to do something exceedingly dangerous like she saw in all of those spy movies. It was one time when she was climbing over the fence when she just happened to topple into her fate, though she knew it not. With a sprawl of skirts and limbs, she found herself atop of a student from Osaka Gakuen, one with solemn amber eyes and hair the colour of a burnished fire and though she did not know it.. she was looking down at the President of the student council and two years ahead of her. She perhaps even had the audacity to grin in that impish way that she had as she clambered up and then offered her hand to help him up.

"Hi.. sorry about that, I was escaping from spies.." She said honestly, and by the tone of her voice it could of been a matter of state, and then she grabbed the boy's hand and started with him on a run. "We can't be seen together.. so come!" She called out behind her as they rounded a corner and she managed to whisk him to the local ice cream shop which she had been on her way to anyways.

Weaseling out of him the name of Azuma Umeda, she treated him to ice cream.. not so much a scandal since they were not on a date, and she could pay for two people. She was after all in it for friendship, and looking down at him, she noticed that she really liked his serious expression but was happy to note that the corner of his lips twitched every time she said something silly, as if he had wanted to smile. She resolved that she wanted to see that full smile.

Over the next couple of months as the autumn touched the ground, Seira managed to see Azuma as much as she could, whisking him around on various flights of fancy, since Seira's imagination was large and she lived on dreams almost as surely as a fish lived in water. She lent him some of her favorite books and movies and would discuss them with him, long walks in the park when he gave her his jacket to keep warm and she prattled on about the castle that she would one day live in. She had to admit that she liked him, alot.. he was more grounded then her but she also enjoyed that feeling of elation when he gave her that look that clearly said that he thought her dreams were beautiful.

When he asked her to be his date at the Osaka Gakuen and Saint Blossom conjoined Christmas Dance, she thought herself the most lucky girl in the universe and so she scoured the town for the perfect dress, she wanted to be a fairytale princess and most of all she wanted to outshine every girl there. She finally found a white dress made out of billowing tulle and little satin spangles, even had a tiara from which her curls fountained. At first she thought that was her real intent, was to outshine the other girls. But as she got ready that night in her dormitory, she felt that special magic in the air.. the winds that said that something beautiful was going to happen tonight and she honestly did not know what.

When she came out to the guests foyer and saw Azuma standing there, dressed up almost as surely as a prince, she had never felt more like a Princess, and with her Prince Azuma holding a bouquet of pink roses, pink! her favorite colour, and she took it and smiled up at him with her blue eyes dancing, suddenly the outshining the other girls were not as important. And then when he took her hand up and gave it a gallent kiss upon the back, her heart fluttered deliciously, as she knew THIS was how princes were supposed to behave. She took his arm and let him escort her to the party. The entire party went by in a whirl, but she knew that they made an amazing couple.. and when they danced.. she could imagine that there were bubbles and stars whispering about them and she only had eyes for Azuma, for that handsome boy that looked down at her with those eyes that smiled even as his smile remained barely there. Honestly she had never noticed that his eyes smiled that much.

It had been unanimous, everyone had thought that they were the perfect couple and they won that distinction. It was only natural that they become a couple after that night for there was that legend that those voted the best couple at the christmas party would stay together forever, she did not know if Azuma was even aware of that legend so she kept it in her heart. The rest of the year was filled with dates, many dates in which they went everywhere and by the end of the year when Azuma graduated, Seira knew without a doubt that she was in love with him and indeed -wanted- to stay forever with him.. so much that him graduating did not make her sad, not at all.. in fact that just spurred her on to new heights come the start of the next school year and with him in university, that included sneaking into his campus in order to leave him little love letters all over the place. That was also when she started baking, and she would spend hours upon hours making him cookies, cakes and pastries. She had a feeling that his fellow students thought that she was his mom with all the baked goods that were sent in cute pink ribbon tied care packages.

There was absolutely no sign of stopping whatsoever. Those years passed by and with Seira all that more determined to keep her Azuma. She was never jealous of those girls that tried to get Azuma for their own, because she was without a doubt that she was his fairytale princess, and a prince could only have one. It wasn't that she was perfect, but rather that she felt that she was the perfect one for him. Love had to have time to foster and grow, but it also had to have the necessary bouts of sunlight and nourishment, and she tried to give him both, and felt that he was giving her both as well.

The day that Azuma asked her to marry him, a few days after her own graduation, she knew that there was no one that she would of rather married, and she showed him exactly how much she wanted to marry him, repeatedly in fact. And that was how Io was conceived, it was of no shame, it just meant that before the end of summer came, they were married with her keeping house for Azuma in their shared apartment a few blocks from the college campus. She was not going to be idle in fact, she continued her baking, filling the house with delicious smells for when husband came home from classes. Her father was substantially wealthy and had placed a large dowery on her, so they were able to live in comfort while Azuma completed his college. And as the winter touched the ground, that is when little Io was born to the both of them, and Seira found a special fufillment in her life with Azuma.

The years passed that way. They eventually moved from that apartment and into quarters that were much better, but she held fond memories of them, just as she held fond memories of Osaka Gakuen and Saint Blossom. Came the additions of Hokuto and Rio, also came the sibling squabbles and such testaments of family. Seira knew that she was growing older, but she did not feel it, and Azuma.. occasionally when she was cuddled into his side on the couch, all she had to do is look up at him, and see that he looked just the same as when she had met him years ago, still those eyes that smiled and those arms that were strong. She felt lucky, for theirs was a fairy tale.. and with a certainty she knew that that legend was verily the truth.. but likewise she was glad that they had stayed together, this was the man she would fight tooth and nail for, who had been with her through so much.. the patient coach when she was birthing their children, the man who sat up with her when she was sick or made himself a willing guinea pig for all of her creations, the man who would joyfully go with her to pick out presents for their grandson.

Seira had never imagined that reality would be better then anything she could of dreamed.. and yet it was so much better. All those dreams of her youth were pale in comparison to the fairy tale that she was living now, at the side of her prince charming.

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