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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~My new icon.. aka KisaIta goodness~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
From THIS to

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ahh, the hottest kiss I've seen in a while~
nice coloring!! lol, I can't believe I am attracted to this pair XD I never liked them before.

You know, I used to be attracted to Sasuke/Itachi.. but then suddenly with a mention I changed camps with brute force, until I really can't get enough Kisame/Itachi >.>

seeing this image I hardly think anyone wouldn't be attracted to those two DX the kiss is so well done!
I think if kisame looked a little less 'fishier' and showed more human nature I'd accept him. but those two make a good pair for hardcore fangirls anyways XD that's just my personal opinion.

sasu/itachi is hot~ I want the older sasuke to encounter itachi now! that should be hotter~~~~

Yes, I thought that the fishy nature would detract me, but really it doesn't.. and I'm not so much hardcore as I am now a big fan of their partnership.. and how they managed to travel together without killing each other.

That kiss is hot though, yes!

Sweet!!! ^-^ what's the next Icon you're brewing?

You know, I never know.. I have to see the picture and go 'wow I want to icon that" and sometimes it could be something as simple as colouring, other times it's just something really simple like a texture and gradient.

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