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Take a look at my fandoms on my userinfo. (and if you want, a list of the pairings that I enjoy). Find something that you'd like me to write about.. if you can't find something on that list then suggest.. *however know ONE thing. I DO NOT WRITE SIGURD/BART (Xenogears) at all.. you are SOL if you want some of that*

Comment to the post with your suggested character/pairing as well as a prompt. The prompt can be anything from a word to a line of lyrics. If you have any specifications (i.e hey Hyu, I want pr0n or no Hyu, gen is fine enough for me..no pr0n plz) then go right ahead as and specify that as well.

Wait, and I will get your one sentance ficbit written for you. Though it may be longer then a sentance.. don't kill me if it is, kay?

If I really cannot write what you want, I am sorry. If you look at my userinfo and go from there then chances are I'll be able to write it, anything suggested out of the blue is either hit or miss. (though I'll valiently try)
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