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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~One Line Ficcage Meme~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Take a look at my fandoms on my userinfo. (and if you want, a list of the pairings that I enjoy). Find something that you'd like me to write about.. if you can't find something on that list then suggest.. *however know ONE thing. I DO NOT WRITE SIGURD/BART (Xenogears) at all.. you are SOL if you want some of that*

Comment to the post with your suggested character/pairing as well as a prompt. The prompt can be anything from a word to a line of lyrics. If you have any specifications (i.e hey Hyu, I want pr0n or no Hyu, gen is fine enough for me..no pr0n plz) then go right ahead as and specify that as well.

Wait, and I will get your one sentance ficbit written for you. Though it may be longer then a sentance.. don't kill me if it is, kay?

If I really cannot write what you want, I am sorry. If you look at my userinfo and go from there then chances are I'll be able to write it, anything suggested out of the blue is either hit or miss. (though I'll valiently try)

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Yay Harutoki is my first fic request, this will prove auspicious I think.! ♥

Seiryuu was at time considered a cold god being that he was of water, and yet underneath the smoky haze of incense in the temple of Seiryuu Yorihisa had to admit that Tenma was almost like boiling water to the touch, lacking the coolness that those of water should school themselves to be, underneath such touches Yorihisa caught into flames that felt so foreign and yet oh so right.

Oooh! Takumi/Hachi me, please. Prompt is "sacrifice". &hearts'

(Takumi/Hachi "sacrifice" - NANA )

Takumi knew that he was not a perfect man. He was well aware of his faults no matter how hard he tried to hide them, and he was also well aware of those things that Hachi had sacrificed for him, after all it couldn't be easy knowing that your husband was ill-deserving of trust, however in his own subtle way he tried to make up for all the ways that he failed even if it was coming home from recording in order to pass the dinner hour for her. He could of gone other places and sought out other company, and sometimes he did, but staring at her from across the dinner table over smoky candlelight he realized that her sacrifice was more precious to him then a thousand perfect women who sauntered in and out of his life and he hoped that one day he could sacrifice his own fear of committment at the altar of what she was, perhaps he would work at it a little bit each day.

Xenogears. Hyuga Ricdeau and Yui Uzuki. Prompt... hmmm. "Wind." ^_^

I need a non-cartoonish-homicidal Citan icon. XD If you want, leave a request at the end of it, and I can write you one in return?

(It does seem as if you use that alot.. I only have one Hyuga icon currently, and that's my 'damn I'm sexy' icon. *snickers*)

(Hyuga/Yui "wind" - Xenogears.)

Solaris had been stifling to say the least, like a regime that one could not quit, a filthy habit that was nearly impossible to break and so he had never expected to break free of those chains, and yet here he was standing on the precipice of forever with the lovely Wolf of Shevat. The wind caressed his face in both the literal and metaphorical sense, there was the wind blowing in from the east and then there was Yui's presence which was indeed the calm for his storming heart. He had not felt this good for a long time, and he hoped for it's continual blowing in his direction.

Goody goody gumdrops! *flails as she debates what pairing to choose*

Okay, I have it. Xenosaga, Jin and chaos. (Can be full of p0rn or not, I would enjoy it either way~) Prompt...oh, "night".

I could write you something in return too, but I'm not sure if you would enjoy the fandoms I am more than comfortable writing in.

(Porn and Jin? in the same sentance.. mwahhahah my Jin muse LIEKS the PR0N. Be afraid, very very afraid)

And you like Kingdom Hearts 2.. right because I may have a pairing I wuold want you to write.. just because I've seen a few pictures and was intriqued

(Jin/Chaos "night" - Xenosaga)

It was almost like night underneath that blindfold, he could not see anything whatsoever, the only sounds that punctuated the area around him was his silky moans as he felt a wet warm mouth engulf his arousal, slipping against the ridged flesh with the tongue flicking just underneath the helmeted head. To Jin, right now the night was something heated and wet, and as a hand moved up to cup the soft globes of his testicles while the mouth quickened it's pace, he saw the stars explode in a way that only his mysterious love could manage.

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Any chance I can request Taro/Maki? xD With the prompt.. spring cleaning?

(Taro/Maki "spring cleaning" - Cafe Kichijouji)

It was that time of the year when Taro went absolutely and utterly apeshit, or at least he was informed of that by his roommate, Maki. Out came the cleaning supplies, the sanitizing agents, out came the mop and the dustbins.. not just one, but several as spring cleaning was even more hectic then regular cleaning. Several times there were thorough beatings with the broom to his roommate's lazy ass while he tried to motivate him to do something OTHER then laze about on the couch and be useless (something that Taro thought Maki was a professional at) and really often times Taro wondered if a useless mess and a obsessive compulsive cleaner could function well together but then after enjoying the most relaxing kiss of his life once the ritualistic cleaning came to an end, he thought that perhaps there were some use for Maki after all (thought not by much)

Edited at 2007-12-24 03:55 am (UTC)

:D Ukitake/Shunsui! Hmm prompt New Year.

(yay some ShunUki!)

(Ukitake/Shunsui "new year" - Bleach)

Fireworks rained down upon them, something remiscient of their first years together when they had greated the new year together, each year no matter what they were doing, they always managed to come together to stand right underneath this cherry tree where they had kissed for their first new year as a couple. And Ukitake swears that when Shunsui wraps him up in his arms and places his lips against his, he understands what the true meaning of 'new year' is.. for without Shunsui there to ring it in with him, the year would hold none of the special newness that marks it as just that.

Ohhh...I wants to play with you too ^.^


Prompt: Vanilla (there is a story behind that :P)

(Iruka/Kakashi "vanilla" - Naruto)

Iruka was just a vanilla type guy, he had plain tastes and did not go for the extremes that Kakashi did.. when one went to Iruka-sensei's house, they were sure to get get home cooking, nothing too extraagant, and his vanilla tastes extended to the white cotton of his sheets, the flavor of ice cream he preferred as well as the position that he now held Kakashi in.

"Sure you don't want to do me from behind?" Kakashi panted as his lover thrust into him repeatedly, keeping a slow and steady motion.

"Mmm no.. not particularly" Iruka said as he held Kakashi firmly by the thigh to make sure he didn't spontaneously switch positions.

"What about astride with me on top?" Kakashi choked out as he arched his hips upward in order to meet Iruka at that little stop.

An annoyed bubble filtered right over Iruka's head as he looked down at Kakashi, wondering how it was that Kakashi could still keep talking with a dick in his bum drawer. "Do you want me to -stop-"

"Oh gods no.."

"Then for heaven's sake, Kakashi.. shut up and let me fuck you how -I- want to" Iruka thought to himself that there would be time for Kakashi's wierd icha icha perversions later.

(sorry if it's not up to standards. *thuds*)

Edited at 2007-12-24 01:30 pm (UTC)

Possible Pairings and short Drabbles XD

I feel like a little smut story!!! with my all time fave Bleach Yaoi OTP!!! Shunsui*Ukitake taken from the third point in the story ~20 Silly and Sweet Facts about the Wielders of the Twin Zanpakutous~ about how our two boys were making out because of their Zanpaktous **doing the naughty!!** hehe X3

Another drabble would be a short story of their marriage!!! X3 Influenced by that cute Icon you did a few months ago!!! I would love to see a marriage fic between that!

hmm that's it! if can't do either...its understanble...but hopefully you do!!! ^-^
Happy Holidays!

Re: Possible Pairings and short Drabbles XD

(Well I can manage the marriage fic, however the first one isn't possible because the 20 facts come from an RP that me and shuufish are doing and they did not precisely have sex then, but as a backstory to that, their zanpakutouh's were flirting with each other as Kotowari and Katen were -married- in a past life, and because they were so linked with their swords, they found the inexplicable urge to just kiss which neither one refused..)

(Shunsui/Ukitake "marriage" - Bleach)

Their marriage was kept secret and with only a handful of people in attendance, people that they trusted and accorded their respect, as Shunsui and Ukitake were secretive when it came to their personal life and had escaped notice in Soul Society that they were lovers for nearly 2,000 years. But now standing here, Ukitake thought that they were ready to come to this place together and he sought Shunsui's hand and gave it a squeeze during the ceremony, relishing the feel of that hand squeezing back. When Yamamoto pronounced them married, Ukitake turned to his beloved Shu-koi, took that stubbly jaw between his fingers and pressed a soft kiss to those lips. When he leaned back with those lips, he found that the moment Shunsui caught his lips tightly into a more firm kiss, he had halfway expected it.

Ah a little church tongue never hurt anyone, right?

Some Shunsui/Ukitake? :D Prompt: after the fall.

(beware the angst. >.>)

Standing there desolate as there was a piece of him missing, right there on the precipice of nothing while all around him whispers of the captain who had fallen in duty. There was nothing on his face, no expression.. normally a smile would of perched there but there was absolutely nothing to smile about. It should of been himself who had fallen first, who had taken that last dying breath.. after all were not his breaths already laboured as it was. In his hand he held the tattered remaments of a pink housecoat that had once graced the shoulders of his love. he held it to his face is if that could ease the tears, but the sakura petal fragrance just made them worse. Now he knew why his love had always watched over him carefully.. because a life without the one you loved.. was no life whatsoever.

Hmm, maybe some cute Tatsuki/Orihime?
Prompt is 'snow' because I feel Christmassy. :D

Got it! *grins*)

Tatsuki found it hard to believe in angels.. she was a pragmatic sort and didn't put stock in such things however she found that sometimes, just sometimes her precious person seemed like an angel put on earth. Perhaps now it as the way that the snow fell on her hair or the bright smile that was so innocent and pure. Really Tatsuki had to re-assess her opinion, she believed in angels... she believed in Orihime. Somehow she had a feeling that was the same thing

(Bart/Billy "water" - Xenogears)

It was rare that Bartholomew Fatima entered Billy Lee Black's sanctuary, finding that such priestly things were beyond his scope, however sometimes he wante to throw a cute little wrench in Billy's meditation and so he entered in as quietly as he could, hoping that he could escape detection. Soft footsteps falling on marble, and he was about ready to attack, victory was so close as a scant foot away with his arms held wide as if trying to tackle Billy into an embrace. However before he could do that, cool water slammed into his face before he knew what hit him.

"Stay back, evil demon" Billy said dryly as he had emptied the entire contents of the holy water bowl onto Bart's form.

Needless to say, that was only a momentary setback for Bart found that he wasn't as evil as he thought he was, and thus not being melted.. it allowed him to continue along with the plan.

FF7, Rude/Reno, prompt "stars"

(Rude/Reno "stars" - FF7)

The stars were beautiful and there was no where better to enjoy it then in the plains outside of Midgar. They would steal the company car for a few hours of peace and solitude, leaning back against the seat as the topless car afforded the most breathtaking view of the night sky, But Rude had to admit that the best part was the company, knowing that beside him Reno took just as much pleasure in watching the stars, even though he was trying his hardest to ignore the hand that had crept it's way to his thigh and was slowly working upward. Rude had a feeling that the stars were going to get a thousand times brighter.

Uhhmm... Kamui/Fuuma from X. The prompt is uhh.. handkerchief. ehhehe..^^

(Fuuma/Kamui "handkerchief" - X/1999)

it was amazing how much life a handkerchief had it it from it's carrier. Fuuma held a long white piece of cloth that had been folded immaculately. First it had been Kotori's as could be attested to the little hearts that just touched the edge of the fabric, then the handkerchief had passed to Kamui upon her death and he was suppose that was where it got the blood marks that couldn't completely be washed out by soap nor bleach. Fuuma supposed that he should be happy that it bore both of their traces and found it ironic how it had fell into his grasp, a fluttering whisp that had fallen to the ground like some premonition of Tokyo. Fuuma supposed that he would leave his mark on it as well and so he slipped the handkerchief into his pocket, glad that it bore Kamui's so strongly that it almost erased the Kotori.

Really Fuuma did not want to be thinking of his sister when he marked that handkerchief as his own.

How about...

Kouya/Yamoto, mistletoe

(because nothing can go wrong with mistletoe fic on Christmas)

(Kouya/Yamato "mistletoe" - Loveless)

When Kouya took the initiative it was very unusual and yet Kouya was feeling it, perhaps because she knew that in her heart she had the most beautiful girl ever. Her eyes caressed that form, that little smirking smile that was so evident on her love's face. When Yamato stepped right underneath the little bough of mistletoe, Kouya took it as her opportunity to walk in closer and then take the taller girl's face between the palms of her hands, and then she pulled her down for a kiss. Everything hazed as arms wrapped around her waist and gently palmed down to curve against her rear, she did not mind, the only thing she was blissfully aware was of those lips which gave her a sense of euphoria.. and home.

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