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~Yui & Lunneth: The Dreamseer~

Yui - & Jeriah as Lunneth -

Title: Dreamseer
Song Inspir: "Breath after Breath" by Duran Duran
Fandom: Many, though right now this concentrates primarily on Xeno.. though there are more aspects to Asthartia then just the Xeno-verse. This is mine and shuufish's huge original setting with the generous insertion of fandom characters. When we RP we figure that we can do anything we damn well right.
Pairing: Yui/Shion, Lunneth/Solinth(Jeriah/Jakob) and Heyven/Sigele (all implications)
Note: I had fun creating the religion for Asthartia which is intensely complex. The starting point was that two priestesses have the next heir to the Asthartian throne so I had to figure out the dynamics of that.. and then came the little bit of Lunneth/Solinth romanticism. For those who also don't know, Heyven and Sigele are the female versions of Hyuga and Sigurd. Hyuga and Sigurd also make an appearance, Hyuga as the King of Asthartia, and Sigurd as his Carilean consort. The Nine Priestesses are women who are the most holy of holy to Lunneth and thus are not supposed to be touched by men in a sexual or intimate way, they are what are called dove riders and their doves are named after the nine muses in Greek mythology. (Yeah you can tell I put alot of thought into this)

"From where I stand the truth isn't black and white,
Alone we live and die, we love and fight.
Breath after breath we carry this mortal coil,
Safe for tomorrow"

Each country had a dreamseer, that was just the way of things, it was their personal communication to each other as well as to the gods, Yui was quite content when she finally developed the innate talent, it was almost as if the gods had chosen her, though she had never really seen anything upon her first dreamings, mostly just shapes and images underneath a moonlit murky dreamscape, fitting of the god of the moon whose will she imagined was almost looking into a pool of water and seeing a reflection there. Each evening that she walked the scapes, she got images of what was to be, and really most of her interactions took place with the other three dreamseers.

It was one evening though, quite unremarkable when she knew that it was time for another trance. Even though it cut her and Shion's evening short, she knew that her close friend understood, so she went back to the lake where all of her trances occured, and then sitting crosslegged on the shore, she looked right into those depths until she felt her eyes grow heavy. Her body turned into just another part of the landscape and she felt herself drifting toward the lake, and when her spirtual aura connected, she did not feel wet nor suffocating, but rather sensorily aware.

And then she was in a small room and yet it was not dark, but rather light. She glanced around and saw alot of.. normal things. There was a little chair with a table next to it, a fireplace that shimmered warmly in the grate that had mysteriously popped up. This was human and she was wondering what to expect, this was the first time that her dreams had created a realm that was the closest to what she had been aware of. And then she saw a little white kitten playing on a rug next to the fire, pouncing at a brightly coloured blue ball of yarn which just seemed to be rolling and rolling as if controlled by some unseen hand. Yui's grey eyes surveyed the scene before her and she realized that it seemed.. cozy. And yet she did not know exactly how important these things were in the scheme of things.

That is when someone came in her sphere of vision and she turned almost slowly because she did not want to work too fast, and she was confronted with a man. She did not say anything, she just stood there and watched as he crept into the room and curled up on the chair. He was quite honestly the most beautiful man that she had ever seen, because of his aura which was gentle... never had she felt a more gentle energy coming from anyone and she stood where she was. She could tell that he knew she was there but he said nothing, just picked up a little piece of thread and started wiggling it, the kitten spotting it out of the corner of her eyes and then suddenly there was a barrage of kitten pounces. Yui just sort of sat down, something in her soul told her that she should, and she stayed there for a moment, trying not to stare though she took in ever aspect of him, the slightly shaggy hair and the ornate robes of a.. priest of Lunneth, and yet there were no priests of the god, only priestess, she was not versed in the past, nor could she of ever known that sole priest of Lunneth had ever been his incarnation.. no one really had except for fate itself.

She did not know exactly how long she sat there on the rug watching the man play with the kitten however then he looked up, it was a shy and almost roundabout approach and her heart melted as she looked at a face that was kindness incarnate, even if there was that shyness that hovered around him that was endearing, she had never met a man quite like him.

"Umm.. hi." the man said with a soft little smile, looking up at her and revealing eyes that were the colour of the night sky.

"Are you.. another dreamseer?" Yui asked, and yet in her heart she knew that wasn't the case, she couldn't really place it... it didn't make sense because there was only one dreamseer per country, it was to keep two many cooks from spoiling the pot.

"Oh me? Not really.." he said with a soft little chuckle, his voice soft and whispery. "Though I suppose I am invested in the interest of Asthartia.." he smiled softly. "I am.. well I suppose that is not important, not really." and then he motioned toward his cat, who started to climb up his robes in order to settle herself down onto his lap with a purr. "This is Star.. she was a gift from my priest of Solinth."

"Oh.. well she's really quite lovely." Yui said as she watched the kitten just curl up there, stll rather mystified and yet she knew that this was important somehow.

"Isn't she? Well she seems to think so.. I always though that the stars were the bridge between Solinth and Lunneth, that is why I named her Star.. she tends to take that quite literally.." a soft little smile enfolded his lips as he looked down at her and then back over at Yui, and Yui had the impression that he was more then he seemed and yet there just wasn't divine enlightenment yet.. there was still that haze that obstructed her and yet she found that she wanted to enjoy the moment and somehow she didn't feel as if it was important to question anything that was happening. Not a whole lot of talking happened, just playing with the kitten and she managed to creep closer so that they could play together.

When she emmerged from the trance, she was almost perplexed and yet she found herself wanting to go back again, and yet she knew that she wouldn't until her heart summouned her back to the trance state. She did not confide to anyone what she herself had witnessed, and she hadn't really wanted to, it was like a precious little secret and she looked forward to going back.

The next time she was summouned, there were cookies waiting for them, the sort that were gooey with chocolate chips, as well as tall glasses of milk, and little particles that looked like snow fell and yet there were no cold to them, she returned back to that room as she now had a clear path to it, and he welcomed her in that shy way that she had, and talked a little bit more, certainly more then he had previously done.

"So, do you have someone that is special to you?" the man inquired as he rested his head against the back of the chair after an intensive bout of play with the kitten.

"Mmm." Yui thought about it, her mind wandering to a pair of green eyes and red hair, whose presence she enjoyed and then she felt a smile enfold her lips, probably she was in her room with all of her gadjets right now, working til the late hours of the night.

"You do not have to answer, that expression says that you do." and then he offered a smile. "It is alright, I do too.. though I rarely see him, our paths do not cross that often except once before dusk and once before dawn although I sometimes wish it did.. so count yourself lucky, I can tell that your love is there whenever you want to see them."

"Oh.." Yui felt a bit sad at that but she did not know what to say.

"It is alright because Star is here to keep me company and.." he smiled almost enigmatically as if he could inwardly sense her emotions, "I am due to see my love soon, so I cannot be too sad." he chuckled softly and then stroked the white haired fur of that kitten who just purred happily into his hand.

Such things gave Yui pause to reflect and well when she emmerged from her trance as the morning touched the sky, she went to the royal library in order to research, something that she rarely did. Of course she had to ask Caitlin for help since she was not quite certain of what she was looking for, but she wanted to know who this man was, there had to be some significance. Using everything that she had deducted, she had Caitlin point her in the way of books on the subject of priestesses of Lunneth, hoping to see if she could find a record of one of the envoys or perhaps an enuech sort of like how Oriya functioned for them.

Certainly she had to take breaks from reading in order to cook for the nine plus guests of them, but she always returned to her books when she was done.

And she found out that there had been one male chosen to be a priestess of Lunneth back 1,000 years ago, a move that was unprecendented in itself. And looking at the picture that accompanied it and there was no doubt that the man from her dreams was the man in the picture, the same shaggy hair and the warm yet soulful brown eyes. Upon reading she found out that he had been the only priest to have chosen his own replacement and then retired from the spotlight in order to settle down with a retired priest of Solinth and found an orphanage. She looked at the name, Jeriah Leontes.. and there was a cross reference to Jakob Fatima which she also looked up, finding that he had been perhaps the most promising priest of Solinth, with his name still being mentioned in the courts even to this day, a list of accomplishments that were perhaps three times as long as Jeriah's, and yet he gave it all up to settle down with the Lunneth priest in anonymity.

She went back that evening to the dream room where she knew that Jeriah would be.

"You were a priest a long time ago.. the first and only priest of Lunneth.. and yet you gave it up.."

Jeriah glanced up at Yui and then nodded softly, "Are you wondering why?"

"I suppose you did it to be happy."

"There are some things that are important, more important then anything else.. and well I.." he looked softly at his folded hands, kitten-less right now, probably since Star was off pouncing at her other master. "When you find the sun to your moon, you hold on to him or her, our duties would of kept us from each other if we had kept on the path that we were going.. sometimes you have to make sacrifices."

Dawning awarance hit Yui right in the heart and she looked at that man. "You.. you.." it was almost clear now and she felt a bit ashamed and yet she knew that itw as the gods will. "You are Lunneth.."

"Hmmmhmm.. I was Lunneth back then too.. I had come down to earth because I had wanted to be human, I begged Solinth to follow me. We did not know that we were the other when we had met, that was the chance that we had to take.. I could of fallen in love with anyone that was not Solinth, but I did not.. I managed to find the one person who was my other half and I sacrificed it all for that.. I had not come to earth to serve a great religion, or even be a priest.. I came to earth to meet Solinth, fall in love with him, live with him and eventually grow old and die with him. Everything else was incidental and fate's doing, and I had no knowledge of who we were together until we had both died.. and then I knew for certain that Jakob was Solinth, had been aspected in him so strongly." Jeriah glanced over at Yui. "I came to you in this form because it is real and human, and when a god becomes human for even a little bit, they aspect that humanity into who they are."

"You could of done so many great things, why did you not?"

"I did not fall to earth with the knowledge that I was a god, that would of took the expirience away from me.. I had feelings that I was perhaps different then the other priestesses, and I knew that I was male which wasn't very easy.. I came to the earth to live, to make my own decisions and expirience that which I had always wanted to. Though granted.." Jeriah sort of clasped his hands together nervously. "Even the gods, they need a break... all the time we are looking out for what is best for our people, and I saw them so happy and wanted a bit of it for myself.. and for Solinth. Coming down to earth was just that..to make myself happy.. perhaps had something major broken out, a war or a calamity, I would of felt bad, and yet they managed just fine without us for sixty something years."

Never had Yui thought of gods as wanting very human things, that was fodder for thought and also that was when Jeriah fled, she then got up and headed back to her own little abode to dwell and think upon what he had said. She went back and holed herself up in her room, wondering exactly what a gods purpose, really she had never thought that she would meet the face of Lunneth and that it would be so full of humanity however touching that it was. Two suns rose and two suns set while she went about her business and yet she dwelled upon it, that Lunneth had his failings and shortcomings as well, and she knew that she had to come to terms with it. One of those nights she had a dream of two men, one bore the face of the god she had met in her trances, the other was a brilliant man with hair the colour of the sun and blue eyes the colour of the sea, it was just a shimmer of visions that drifted in and out of her psyche, little vignettes of two men.. not gods, but men who were completely in love. In her own dreams completely removed from the gods she shared a little bit in what they were feeling and through those little bits she gained understanding. She had to place herself in a place where she could identify with it, and finally she realized that if perhaps she had the limited contact with Shion, perhaps it would cause her to act a little bit selfishly.

So when it was time to come back to those ephermeal trances, she could do it with no qualms. She wanted to be a friend to her god, that very humanization made it possible, she believed. Because her god lived, it meant that he could feel what she had felt, he certainly was a feeling god. Everything was taken positively, and how could she grudge him 60 years of that mortality, of being able to wake up and touch your lover's sleeping cheek? It was a humbling expirience to find out that yourself and your god where not really that far apart at all. She entered the room, finding Lunneth and the kitten once more there, she clasped her hands together and looked right at his sitting form, she could tell that he was aware that she had entered the room, there was that slightest stiffening as if he was preparing for anything that she would say.

"I think that heaven would not really be heaven if there was no one special to share it with, and I realize that if I were placed in your position as a god, I would sacrifice a little bit in order to be happy, so please.. I am not disappointed in you.. at all and I hope that it was all worth it."

"It was.." Lunneth said as he glanced up at Yui and offered a smile to her, one of his smiles that never hit you until it was there, that shy slowly forming smile, the one that had caught Solinth and Jakob's heart so easily. "I know that I cannot go down and make myself a human, and sometimes it is hard to realize that you only get to see your lover once every twelve hours.." he stroked Star's fur and then continued to speak. "We meet one hour in the morning and we met one hour in the evening, when one gives way to the other.. there is another situation when we meet.. and that draws neigh."

"Oh?" she said as she edged in closer to where he was sitting, suddenly very curious.

"The next ruler of Asthartia must be conceived." he said as he glanced over at Yui and she thought that it was very adorable that his cheeks flushed as if the topic of babymaking was something he was not used to. "It's difficult to say but well I already have the two priestesses picked out, I have seen them and both I and Solinth agree that they would be a good choice to partake in the ritual." he was very awkward at explaining this and wished that he had Solinth to hide his face in, but for right now he was alone.

"Oh.." Yui had forgotten about the ritual and yet somewhere she had known that it was drawing near, she remembered the great mystery surrounding the conception of the next ruler, and she realized that she was going to be inducted into that mystery as the dreamseer

"The next full moon that touches the sky will be when the next ruler is created.." Lunneth softly set the kitten down and then walked over to a little bookcase and took out a silver gilded box and briefly opened it, he made a face when he surveyed the contents and then he pushed it back into the bookcase. "That is the wrong box, I always get them confused.. I need to do something about that box." he said as he rummaged around for another box, finally located it, this one was silver -and- gold, he opened it, found that what was inside was what he needed and then he walked over, handing the box to her. "Heyven will be the mother of my child, the current ruler's sister.. and Sigele will be the one to father that child. What is inside looks like a.. man's errr... bits, just made of silver.. there are bindings and the inside chamber must be filled with the waters from my spring, fresh waters."

Yui could tell that he was feeling awkward about this, she wondered if this happened every time but she thought that it was cute in it's own way.

"There are two vials as well.. the vial filled with silver liquid Heyven must drink, and the one with gold liquid will be Sigele's, this will put them into the necessary trance. The day before the ritual, all of the priestesses must clean my temple and ready it for the union, sweet smelling flowers, incense.. the first time will be on the altar, however a pallet of blankets and pillows must be placed nearby for while the trance will wear off after the first time, the other effects will take more then a few hours to completely dispell. Food as well and anything that the priestesses will require before they exit the temple the next day."

Reaching out to accept the box that Lunneth held out to it, she pressed it close to her heart. "I shall follow your directions.." and then she looked up at Lunneth. "By any chance through the trance, do you two.. you and Solinth, do you.. inhabit the priestesses."

"Ah.." Lunneth's face flushed softly and he ducked his head. "Perhaps... it is certainly no coincidence that there is always a Carilean in the nine when the time arises.." he smiled softly and then he stepped back. "The full moon draws near.. and so does sunrise.. I have to go meet my lover." he smiled and then turned around to flee. "I shall talk to you later, Yui.." came the whispered voice as the little room started to lose it shape, signalling that Yui was coming out of her trance.

And when she woke up next to the lake, the box was in her hand holding all that Lunneth had given her, and the instructions were fresh in her mind.

"Circles in sand that wash out into the sea
Just as we slip on through to eternity.
Breath after breath we carry this mortal coil
Safe for tomorrow"

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