Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

So my Krelian muse and shuufish's Rene muse just happen to get along.. REALLY well. That makes me all sorts of happy.. right now drunk Rene and two-left-feet Krelian are dancing at Mat and Roni's wedding (just after the two SHOW OFFS *cough cough* got off the floor) and well it's nice to finally have a pair for Krelian, he's been wanting to come out. Also had some sappy Byakuya/Rukia action yesterday (my favorite heterosexual pairing from Bleach). Both myself and Mish have been exploring heterosexual pairings, just because we can.. we've alot for the originals and then alot of Clamp, really it's cute though and it puts a bit more variety into the mix. Really it was a very good weekend for plotting and RP.

Did I mention that Mat and Roni are show-offs. YES!
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