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~Song of the Day~

Selected Song "Goodbye is Forever" by Arcadia
What it reminds me of: A love that has to be seperated under the dictates of fate and time. Yet it is an emotional, reluctant yet totally unselfish parting.
Who it reminds me of: My novel characters, Magus and Corrine.
What feelings it invokes: Well whenever I think of "A kiss before dying" I get teary eyed because of the memories of the feelings that it invokes.

"Sometimes you have no choice,
Sometimes you've got no voice to say
Say if you will those words
Say if your world is so brave.
We can decide this.,
There'll be no tears, no tragedy.
Sure I wouldn't break and cry if..
You walk away and leave me.
Hey goodbye, goodbye is forever..
Hey forever.. goodbye is forever and ever.."

4 days until my husband comes back.. I might not be online for awhile after tomorrow.. mainly because the phone line is being transferred to the new house.

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