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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Greatestjournal just went to 10 icons.. from 100. Oiya, how are people going to react.

I'm hiding out here right now.

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Are you serious?! What the hell?!

>( GJ SUCKS, ARRGGH. Them jerks.

lol, I'm not surprised. GJ is full of fail. :\

And they have proven it, time and again.

(Deleted comment)
mmm canned processed meat = win!

-feeds you canned soup-

Yeah, why else do you think I stayed here?

You are a precious little bundle of joy, I don't know though, I don't want to get shot by the KGB *thuds* HIDE ME! *hides behind my little star*

Aww, I am?

What's KGB? -head tilt, happily hides you behind her-

It's the russian police. And of course with the whole livejournal being given to SUP (a russian based company) well it's gonna be interesting.

And of course. I always enjoy comments from you dear, just because you are like the perfect soeur for Jennie and the perfect star for me.. and that always makes me happy.

Oh. Yeah, I should have known that. :3

I'm perfect? I don't think so...

You know, I think that by perfect, one should be constant.. and well you've always been constant as the northern star, and that is what I like about you. No one is perfect, but I think that in ways that it matters the most, you are.

Oooh, boy. 100 is fine with me but 10? 10? Fail, GJ.


Oh, I noticed. And I also noticed that they haven't told anyone in their news comm yet.

Again, I'm tired of moving around. Thankfully I can just hide out here until the KGB come and find me in obscurity.


Y, DEFINITELY Y. *pulls out a cardboard box marked 'hiding place'*




Excuse my language. Thanks for the heads up.

And I was planning to move there. That's sad. I guess I am stuck in LJ again. >_

Heh, can't say I didn't see it coming.

I guess I'll laugh a bit at the wank, move my fics to IJ in the course of the month and just shrug instead of whining. :)

*Cuddles the little GJ Refugee Hyu-chan* Aww.. it's okay! We still have icons here!


Man, That pisses me off seriously. I don't even freaking use GJ that much. if at all.. but I had icon storage there. Damn. I hope I saved them all. =/

WTF? 10? That sucks, especially after the complaints they got when it went down to 100 before. The wank is gonna be fun when people learn of it. I hardly use GJ but it was always a good rp place (and InsaneJournal is fugly.)

IJ is VERY fugly. Fugly and confusing. But majority of my RPG wants to move because of TEH ICONS!!!!11!!!!ONE!!! >/

Pfft, that is the reason I went over there in the first place.

And that is why I've stuck with LJ. If the crazy shit can hit the fan here, it can at the other *Js too, so it's easier just to stay where I am.

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