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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
You know, I've just been very confused. With what you may ask? Both LJ -and- GJ. It is one of those things where I psuedo leave LJ because of the witch-hunting. (if you are not aware of the term witch hunting, check LJ news archives around midmay/earlyjune.) So anyways Greatestjournal has had a sudden downsize in most of their features and now they are suggesting that new people go over to IJ. (I have an IJ.. actually I have several) However I am wondering if GJ is heading toward the grave.. or what? Who can say. *hurms* It's just very confusing.

So anyways how is everyone in LJ land doing?

Well, LJ got sold off to the KGB so now we're all waiting for the gulag trains to come rolling around, and while that transfer is taking place, they've implemented an adult flagging system (icon ironically a flame) plus now require you to input your birthdate or else you'll get constant nags when trying to access adult content.

Yeah, I don't think it can get much worse.

Wow, Heil LJ..

Except without the nifty little uniform. Sad day.. sad day. *shakes head*

*hugs* :D I'm doing okay. I'll finally get my computer back next week. We've not talked a lot, so how are you doing?

I am alright, just same old same old.. still in Michigan.. and you? How is college going for you? All ready for your christmas break!?

Hi! *hugs* This is the first news I've heard like that about GJ... I don't know what to think. Do you thing IJ will be more reliable than GJ? Anyway, things here are same as always. Well, except for the adult contact tagging of late...

I decided not to put my journal as having adult content though I toyed with it. Evidentally LJ's new nicknamem is KGB. *sporfles*

(Deleted comment)
Well I think that Lj is a whole new form of ghetto.. seriously. I think that maybe they are both tumbling down the deep dark abyss.

(Deleted comment)
Backing up all my entries like crazy XD.

If anything really falls to pieces 'round here I will pack my gay smut and head over to Insane Journal simply because their attitude seem to be best at the moment...

I know, right.. I just hate moving and moving.. it took me so long to actually move to greatestjournal and now everything goes awry. Oh the drama.

I've been doing alright, hon, thanks for asking ::hugs::

Not too sure what's going on with all the journals and what-not. I tend to ignore a lot of stuff. Comes with having raised three noisy boys I s'pose. ::chuckles:: However, the first time I get an official notification to not talk to him/her because he/she is a [fill in the blank] is when I will be leaving. I'll make up my OWN mind who I will and won't chat with, thank them very much.

I hope RL is treating you alright and that you're doing well. I miss chatting with you.

Take care sweetie ::snugs::

Oh man, definite censorship would just suck so much. I mean trying to regulate who you talk to, just bleah.

I'm good.. just overworking myself is all.. but that's alright.. at least it means money


Errr, that is to say, I've been pretty good. How about yourself?


I honestly have NO idea what to say or think about LJ or GJ or anything. *sigh* GJ is spiraling a bit, and will probably wind up just being sucked into the vortex of intarwebz abyss-ness. LJ.. I 'unno. with the shift of ownership AGAIN, who knows what will happen. The dust will settle in time and we'll find out. Not much to say or do either way, unless people want to flail away from LJ/GJ on a whole.. find something else. Something not infused with the IntarwebzSTDs that MySpace has anyway.

But yes.. I've missed seeing your name popping up on my FList you know. I rarely check GJ. I'm so undedicated to my friends, so neglectful. *cry cry*

Oh well, I still luff yoo. =3

Good you better luff me! *luff luff* And it's just one of those things, I'll still cling to GJ.. then I'll come over here when things have gotten enough ass-tarded for me. Only logical thing to do.

Oh shit, I had no idea there was some GJ problems.
That's just typical, considering friends and I are building a game there right now.

Oh the irony.

I know, excessive irony. -_- it's sad, really it is. I don't know when it's going to get resolved... but I hope it gets resolved soon.

I RP @ GJ, and last night my RPG had a chat and we went crazy over the features. :/ Now we may be moving to IJ, which sucks ass.

This GJ stuff really doesn't surprise me. Back during the summer I was doing a lot of looking around at various journaling sites and GJ was always pretty low on my list.

Come back to LJ :D

6A have sold LJ to a Russian company, so now all the Americans are like OH NOES SOVIETS and being silly like that. Nothing seems to have changed, despite everyone's drama. Maybe I just haunt the right, drama-free corners of LJ, I don't know.

What exactly is happening at GJ? I mean, I already deleted my journal there, but I'm still curious.

Their servers are all SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW and shit because of not deleted/suspended/inactive journals, and so to fix that they froze the creation of new accounts and are rerouting new users to IJ. :/

-shrugs- I dunno, I have both a GJ and an IJ due to people leaving LJ that I want to keep in touch with.
But I'm doing fine!


Pretty scary stuff. I do a lot of my rping over at GJ, and if GJ were to just up and disappear one day? I would probably cry, becuase I would lose a lot of scene logs at various RP communities. I kinda want to start backing everything up on my harddrive now. That's going to take hours. =/ I hope they give us SOME kind of notification first if they're going to do something drastic...

Life is busy, that is how things are.

But other than that, good, how about you? XD